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Top 10 Games of the Year - Part 2Continuing on with my top 5 games of the year...

05.) Batman: Arkham City
Part of me misses the creepy, claustrophobic hallways and tunnels of the original Arkham Asylum. While this might have taken away some of the enjoyment I could have received with Arkham City's new open world setting, in the end, I realized that gliding around the city and perching myself on rooftops really captured the true Batman feel. With the return of the graceful free-flowing combat mechanics of the first game, plus a ton of new gadgets and moves to make me feel like the ultimate badass against Batman's biggest enemies, Arkham City stands as one of my favorite titles this year and the blueprint that all superhero games should follow from now on.

04.) LA Noire
What appealed to me about LA Noire wasn't the jaw dropping facial animations or enormous open world feel, but the fact that it played like an adventure game from start to finish. Instead of causing ironic mayhem throughout the post-war city of angels, I was happy enough with performing simple police procedures and solving challenging investigations, which brought me satisfaction I haven't felt since the days of Lucasarts point-and-click adventures from the early 90s.

03.) Portal 2
I was completely blindsided by the original Portal back in 2007. I had no idea Valve could fill a quick three hour game with dozens of brilliantly designed puzzles and one of the greatest video game characters of this generation. I also didn't think a sequel could match the greatness marked by the original, except it totally did. Valve not only introduced one new memorable character this time around, but two. Both Wheatley and Cave Johnson match the charm and intrigue of Glados from the first game, while the new puzzles this time around echo the brilliance set by the original. All of these aspects come together seamlessly and conclude at what is easily the best ending in any video game of this year. Valve never ceases to amaze me with its games, and Portal 2 is no exception.

02.) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Skyward Sword definitely felt a little late to the party with me. Had it been released when the Wii was in its prime, I can't imagine how revolutionary the amazing motion controls of this game would have influenced developers for the console. Aside from its top notch handling, Skyward Sword features beautiful scenery and some of the best dungeons I've seen in the series. My favorite aspect was how the developers took a hint from the Metroid series in its level design, weaving nearly all of them into one tightly knit and well designed world. It's a fantastic place to get lost in; the pitch perfect controls had me feeling like I was really there and the overall design from the levels to the characters kept me going for longer than I was ever expecting.

01.) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
I've sunk dozens of hours into Skyrim over the past month. Almost every bit of my free time has been spent playing it, and for good reason. It has a huge game world with an endless amount of things to do within it, and somehow the developers managed to make nearly every aspect both exciting and memorable. I loved how they eliminated the typical western RPG mechanics of forcing you to decide how you're going to play before you actually get to play. Instead, being given free reign to experiment with any combination of tactics I saw fit helped me to become even more immersed in the game's brilliantly crafted world. I imagine I'm going to spend dozens of more hours in Skyrim because of all this, and for that, it's my game of the year.
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