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Let's Play - Burnout Paradise
Burnout Paradise
For their six year anniversary, the AH Crew bring this special Let's Play.
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geoff Cast & Crew
Happy Birthday Achievement HunterSo six years ago, we started a little side project called Achievement Hunter (which thank God, we picked instead of Achieve Men). It was going to be a forum/text based site to help people get achievements, with the odd video guide thrown in here and there. Our first video was done by none other than Mr. Jack Pattillo, and can be viewed here. It was an Achievement guide in Burnout Paradise, and every year on our anniversary, I love to watch it, then immediately watch our latest video (in this case it's LP Minecraft 113 - Megatower).

It's ridiculous how far we've come since those early days of Jack and I making guides in our spare time. In six years we've produced more tha...
13 hours ago  |  Comments (247)
brianb Cast & Crew
New Red Vs Blue Posters Launch TodayToday we're proud to release the first of six very limited edition Red Vs Blue screen-printed posters. Over the next six weeks each Monday at 4:30pm CDT we'll have posters from DKNG, RT Community Member Patrick Morgan, Mark Brickey and Hero Design, Tim Doyle/Nakatomi, Tim Anderson, and Aled Lewis. Each poster has a unique approach and a unique art style and all of them are limited to just 250 copies. Once each poster is gone, it's gone. No reprints. That's always been one of the cool things about poster collecting. There won't ever be any more of a certain design. If you have it, you have something special.

When I found out that DKNG was willing to be a part of our co...
14 hours ago  |  Comments (33)
Mike Site Admin
1 day ago  |  Comments (4)
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