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VS Episode 60 - Lindsay vs. Ryan
Cat With Bow Golf
This week's VS brings you Ryan vs. Lindsay! Will Lindsay continue to hold the belt or will Ryan end he winning streak? Watch to find out!
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burnie Cast & Crew
When old was newThought it would be fun to show you guys what 636 looked like when we were remodeling it into the studio that you grew to know. I first found 636 when I was looking at a building next door. I wandered around, unimpressed by the space but then saw this fenced in non-descript building next door and almost immediately felt a connection to it, even though it was a hideous mustard color.

Finding the right location for a move has always been a six month process at least. You have to have a lot of vision to see what a space could be versus what it is when you tour it. 636 was an empty facility owned by a cement company. We bought it and started the six month process of renovating it. Here's ...
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