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gus Cast & Crew
Rooster Teeth at SDCCIf you're at San Diego Comic Con this week make sure to come say hi to us in booth 1437! Burnie, Jordan, Lindsay, Matt and I will all be there representing Rooster Teeth and we will also be joined by Alan Ritchson and Colton Dunn on Saturday! Alan and Colton will be in the booth and will also be joining us up on the stage for our panel Saturday evening at 8pm in Room 6DE. I hear we may be showing some videos at the panel....
Also, did you know that Alan, Burnie, Colton and Matt will all be on the Nerdist live stage at PetCo Park on Saturday at 1pm? It is open to the public and you do NOT need a badge for Comic Con to attend! Quite frankly I'm insulted I wasn't invited but go check it out and let me know how it goes!
8 hours ago  |  Comments (9)
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