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Let's Play - FIFA 14
It's Lads vs. Gents playing FIFA 14 in this week's Let's Play Wednesday.
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Community Spotlight
Community Hunter Video of the Week - 4/21/14A recently held contest for the Community Hunter's resulted in over a dozen video submissions. The goal, to create a brand new trailer for the Community Channel. All the submissions were quite incredible but only one could take home the gold. A huge congratulations to @Jerem6401 for his victory and a huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the video!

This week's Community Hunter Video of the Week is… Welcome to Achievement Hunter's Community Channel!

Community Hunter Channel | Community Hunter Group
1 day ago  |  Comments (2)
Barbara Cast & Crew
FAQ: Changing your Sponsorship to Auto-RenewWe just posted an announcement about upcoming changes to our Sponsorship model, so read it! It has important info-- including the fact that if you sign up for auto-renew before May 5th, you get locked in at the current $10 every 6 months rate.

The biggest question we've received is how do you change your current sponsorship to auto-renew (for example, if it's a gift, or just one 6-month installment)

Here's the answer!

When we increase the price on May 5th, we will take a snapshot of all non-recurring sponsorships in our system. When those users' sponsorship expires, we will be sending them an email (and probably a website message) with the opportunity to grandfather thei...
4 days ago  |  Comments (104)
Mike Site Admin
4 days ago  |  Comments (5)
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