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Mike Site Admin
1 week ago  |  Comments (2)
Kyle Cast & Crew
New Series - Sponsor CastSponsors,

You are so lucky, do you know why?

Today we will give you not one but two brand new sponsor videos. In return you have to do us a favor, watch them and tell us what you think. We need the feedback because these videos are two episodes in a new, hour long series called Sponsor Cast. I can imagine some of you have questions so let me do my best to answer them,

What’s SponsorCast?
As you can guess it’s an hour long video podcast but instead of it being about general things, like the RT Podcast or continually doing a show about one subject, like Screen Play or The Patch, Sponsor Cast can be about anything members of the RT Staff choose.

What do you mean by anything?
A cast can pic...
1 week ago  |  Comments (65)
caleb Cast & Crew
Extra Life Pre-Party StreamWe are under 30 minutes away from the Extra Life Pre-Party Stream! Be sure to tune in from 5-9pm CST for a great time. We'll also be giving away prizes every 30 minutes!

The purpose of this stream is to encourage people to sign up for Rooster Teeth Extra Life Team. Signing up is completely free!

This event is also prep for the upcoming 24-hour stream on October 25th where we'll be super zany in order to raise money for Children's hospitals everywhere! Rooster Teeth will be raising funds specifically for the Dell Children's Hospital of Central Texas.

Click to join Team Rooster Teeth
Link to stream
1 week ago  |  Comments (12)
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