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geoff Cast & Crew
Metro 2033: Sherlock Part 3 - Market Station

Hey Guys,
Today I bring you part three of Fragger's gripping and epic Sherlock Guide. This one's all about Market Station!
4 years ago  |  Comments (2)
geoff Cast & Crew
Mass Effect 2: Kasumi - Stolen Memories DLC

Hey Everyone,
The DLC hit a day late, but that's cool. We're patient. Check out the above video for a walkthrough / guide to Kasumi - Stolen Memories.
4 years ago  |  Comments (0)
geoff Cast & Crew
Metro 2033: Sherlock Part 2 - Riga

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for the delay on this one. Fragger turned it in on time, but I was swamped with other things and couldn't get it up... that sounded dirty. Anyhoo, here's part two of his Metro 2033 Sherlock guide. Enjoy!
4 years ago  |  Comments (0)
Tudor Forum Mod
Top 5 Zombie Killing Characters

”A zombie is a creature that appears in books and popular culture typically as a reanimated dead or a mindless human being.”

”I had a bad feeling about this, until I found a green herb.”

5. Chris Redfield – Resident Evil

Few people have survived as many zombie (or human beings in a similar state) infestations as Chris Redfield. Specially trained and with ridiculously proportioned arms, there’s good reason Redfield has become a fan favourite throughout the Resident Evil series. He’s even making an appearance in the next Resident Evil move, Afterlife. And we all know how well the films have done for the franchise…


4 years ago  |  Comments (48)
geoff Cast & Crew
Just Cause 2: Top of the World Achievement Guide

Hey Everyone,
I switched gears today to do some Just Cause 2 while Jack is out of town at a community event for an upcoming game. As much as I love FFXIII, grappling people to death was a nice change of pace. So check out my video for "Top of the World."
4 years ago  |  Comments (0)
Gamers Rapport - 006: Back on track
Well, after two weeks of absence from PAX and other obligations, 8Bit makes his triumphant return to Gamers Rapport. After commending him on his fantastic Static Lullaby theme we get right into the nitty gritty of gaming, talking about Just Cause 2, Metro 2033, the update to the Blur beta, 8Bit's Slump game poll and more. Also we've got PAX East Avatar Hoodies to give away. Want to win them? Listen to find out.

Those voices in your head are none other than Knuckles Dawson, Fragger, & 8BitBass.

Don't forget to join the Gamers Rapport Group for all the latest news and discussion.
Download the show:
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4 years ago  |  Comments (5)
geoff Cast & Crew
Final Fantasy XIII: Hecatoncheir Eidolith Fight

Hey Everyone,
The Final Fantasy XIII vids just keep coming (and coming and coming). Today's serving is a dandy little guide to beating the Hecatoncheir Eidolith. Hoo Boy!
4 years ago  |  Comments (0)
Tudor Forum Mod
Dead Space 2 Competition Update

You guys may remember this post a few weeks ago detailing the competition Visceral Games are holding for Dead Space 2. Well, they're down to the 10 finalists that are guarenteed a mention in the game at some point, one of them though happens to be a member of our site, Nantonaku. She's done some amazing artwork for her entry, so it's no surprise she's one of the top ten.

But maybe top ten just isn't good enough, maybe Nontonaku should win, but how do we help? Well, by logging into Facebook and voting for her submission!
Voting ends on the 19th, so get busy, and let's help a fellow Achievement Hunter earn her place in Dead Space 2.

Speaking of competitions...
There are still plent...

4 years ago  |  Comments (7)
jack Cast & Crew
AH-Who? AH-WU! #6

Here it is kids, AHWU #6! You've been waiting for it anxiously, I can tell. Enjoy this magical journey through all of this week's releases (all 1 of them) and some informative news and information.

Also, enjoy cameos by just about everyone at the office! Huzzah!

4 years ago  |  Comments (0)
geoff Cast & Crew
Metro 2033: Sherlock Part 1 - Exhibition Station

Hey Everyone,
Today I present you with part one in an awesome new series of Metro 2033 vids from community member Fragger. Click on the image to see part one of his Sherlock guide. Check back tomorrow for part two.
4 years ago  |  Comments (0)
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