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Let's Build in Minecraft - Golden Hoe Part 1
Geoff and Gavin build the Golden Hoe in Minecraft.
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Tudor Forum Mod
Weekend Hunt - 4/3/2010

Hope you guys have been enjoying these so far, because there's a bigger, brighter future on the horizon for our Gamenights. I don't want to spoil the surprise with too many details, but let's just say it's going to benefit all of us... and more.

For this weekend's gaming session, RealDeal211 will be hosting Battlefield 2: Modern Combat trying to gather some of those tricky multiplayer achievements, so the more people the better!
Things will be kicking off this Saturday, April 3rd, Noon CST
Want in on the action? Then contact RealDeal211 on his RT page.

As an added treat for you, Major Nelson has tweeted a link to some free MW2 Night Vision goggles for your Avatar, but be quick as the...

4 years ago  |  Comments (7)
Fragger Cast & Crew
Mega Man 10 Tips/ThoughtsHello everyone, Fragger here to give you all some tips on Mega Man 10! Normally I would make a video that almost no one would watch explaining how you CAN get the full 200 in Mega Man 10 but I thought that this would actually be read (I hope).

The Hard Rock Achievement: This is very easy to pull off on Easy if you do the Pump Man stage. Just play to the boss room once to find were enemies come from (and stay ABOVE the water whenever possible). Then exit and try the level again. Also falling to your death/spikes do void this achievement.

Don't go for Mr Perfect right away: Going for the "No hit" achievement right away will drive you insane as you play this. You really do need to know the...
4 years ago  |  Comments (9)
geoff Cast & Crew
Final Fantasy XIII: How to defeat Bahamut

So the onslaught of FFXIII vids continues. Today's offering shows how to beat Bahamut with extreme predjudice. Enjoy!
4 years ago  |  Comments (0)
Gamers Rapport - 005: PAX East 2010PAX East has come and gone. It was an awesome experience. Fragger, Knuckles, and guest ChurchsWife do their best to capture some of it in audio form. That's all that can really be said. Expect the regular format and regular crew back in for Episode 6, but until then, enjoy this fine audio file.

Those voices in your head are none other than Knuckles Dawson, Fragger, & Church's Wife.

Don't forget to join the Gamers Rapport Group for all the latest news and discussion.
Download the show:
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4 years ago  |  Comments (3)
geoff Cast & Crew
Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter Nine Boss Fight - Barthandelus

Hey Everyone,
So it seems we survived PAX EAST. Look for a slew of video previews of all the awesome games we saw over the next few days / weeks, but in the meantime, why not just enjoy a little FFXIII? Today we show you how to kick the shit out of Barthandelus (what a nerdy name, maybe we should take his lunch money).
4 years ago  |  Comments (0)
Tudor Forum Mod
Egg-cellent Easter Arcade Deals

As a promotional event this Easter, ten XBox Live Arcade titles are getting pretty hefty price reductions starting tomorrow (April 1st - and no, it's not an April Fools) for a limited time. Games included are:

Age of Booty
Price: 400 Microsoft Points

Reduced from: 800 Microsoft Points

Defence Grid
Price: 400 Microsoft Points

Reduced from: 800 Microsoft Points

Lumines LIVE
Price: 400 Microsoft Points

Reduced from: 800 Microsoft Points

Mad Tracks
Price: 400 Microsoft Points

Reduced from: 800 Microsoft Points

Rocket Riot
Price: 400 Microsoft Points

Reduced from: 800 Microsoft Points

Price: 400 Microsoft Points

Reduced from: 800 Microsoft Points

South Pa...

4 years ago  |  Comments (11)
jack Cast & Crew
Just Cuz as Well!

Hey guys, I'm peeking out from under my pile of PAX East footage to drop off this quick Just Cause 2 video for you. I don't know about you, but I love jumping out of planes. That is why this video was so much fun to make. Enjoy.

4 years ago  |  Comments (0)
jack Cast & Crew
Dragon Age Shirts!

Hey hey guys. So, we got a pretty cool email just now.

It seems one of our lovely readers ended up with a pile of Dragon Age: Origins shirts that you can actually wear in the game. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but apparently you have to have your EA account and Gamertag linked, then go to:

The input one of the codes. (Please, only use one code.)

  • 9EDW 5Z4D H6A5 MXV3
  • GGDZ C63B 3Z72 SE29
  • 8769 ZNE8 FKCG 5LB4
  • 223W UPQ9 2JQF RQB6
  • 4T2U 3MA7 R492 HPA8
  • CADE 5E7L 886K 8KDQ

Once you do that, you'll get the following in-game item:

Mark of...

4 years ago  |  Comments (16)
jack Cast & Crew
AHWU #5! PAX Edition!

Holy crap, I'm tired.

I cut most of this on the plane ride back from Boston, I hope it makes sense to you!

Enjoy this little slice of PAX East and Achievement Hunter.

4 years ago  |  Comments (0)
matt Cast & Crew
Red vs. Blue: Revelation Premieres April 1, 2010

The next full-length season of Red vs. Blue debuts this Thursday, April 1. Mark your calendars. You don't want to miss this.
4 years ago  |  Comments (626)
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