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Let's Play - FIFA 14
It's Lads vs. Gents playing FIFA 14 in this week's Let's Play Wednesday.
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caleb Cast & Crew
Upcoming Events

Tuesday, April 10th at 7pm CST Clean Up Crew - Rainbow Six Vegas 2
-Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is loaded with multiplayer achievements that require six people present to unlock them. Whether is be win a bunch of matches or kill "x" amount of people with a specific weapon, this event will be a great opportunity to earn these achievements! Be sure to to join Caleb and Fragger in this awesome Clean Up event. This event will be streamed on AHTV!
*Click here for details on how to join!*

Friday, April 13th at 7pm CST Community Playdate - Battlefield 3
-Battlefield 3 makes another return thanks to popular demand! This wonderful game that rewards players for objectives aside from killing is pr...

2 years ago  |  Comments (6)
geoff Cast & Crew
What is Achievement Hunter?Are you newish to the site? Or maybe you're just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content we here at Achievement Hunter create on a daily basis? Well then have I got the thing for you! I've created a playlist (located right here) that shows an example of each show and kind of video we make on a weekly basis. Think of it as the ultimate Achievement Hunter primer.
2 years ago  |  Comments (74)
Mike Site Admin
2 years ago  |  Comments (2)
geoff Cast & Crew
Fails of the Weak #81Jack and Geoff have worked their hardest to compile only the best of the Halo: Reach fails available. Enjoy them at their finest. They are delicious, and high in fiber!
2 years ago  |  Comments (0)
geoff Cast & Crew
Let's Play Assassin's Creed RevelationsThe Achievement Hunter crew takes a stab at the highly addictive "Wanted" multiplayer gametype in Assassin's Creed Revelations.
2 years ago  |  Comments (0)
geoff Cast & Crew
Game Night: Modern Warfare 3 - Shotguns and ShieldsCaleb and Geoff show you highlights from our latest Game Night, which took place in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The next Game Night is at 7pm CST, and is in Halo: Reach.
2 years ago  |  Comments (0)
geoff Cast & Crew
Angry Birds Space: Eggsteroids E-1 toE-5Geoff and Gavin show you where to find the hidden easter eggs on levels 1-9, 1-20, 2-13, 2-25 and 2-28.
2 years ago  |  Comments (0)
caleb Cast & Crew
Game Night - Halo: Reach Custom Games

Friday, April 6th at 7pm CST Game Night - Halo: Reach Customs
-This event will be FANTASTIC as promised, but the question remains, will you be attending? Come join the likes of Caleb, Geoff and Fragger in some sweet Halo: Reach custom games! We are currently looking for unique maps for both Halo: Reach and Halo 3 so please send all your awesome creations to Caleb! This event will be streamed on AHTV!
*Click here for details on how to join!*

Not able to make tonight's event? Check out these other upcoming events!

We want to hear about your experiences during these playdates. Check out this awesome thread and post your stories, opinions or really, whatever you have on your mind!...

2 years ago  |  Comments (7)
Michael Cast & Crew
Rage Quit - Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action

Michael puts on his thinking cap in this episode of Rage Quit as he tests his wits with the party trivia game Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action.

Copyrights are a bitch.

2 years ago  |  Comments (0)
geoff Cast & Crew
Angry Birds Space: Cold Cuts 3 Star Guide levels 2-21 to 2-30Geoff and Gavin show you how to 3 Star the Cold Cuts levels 2-21, 2-22, 2-23, 2-24, 2-25, 2-26, 2-27, 2-28, 2-29 and 2-30 in Angry Birds Space.
2 years ago  |  Comments (11)
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