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95 year-old male from Hopkinsville, KY
Please, no random friend requests. They will be left in limbo forevermore.

Well, I am bored.

Want to be my friend? Send me a funny picture, and a message. No Porn won't get it. Thats not funny. It's porn.

Not that porn isnt appreciated.

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Been a long timeIt's been a long time since I did a journal here. . . lets see. Well, I graduate in 7 days from Centre College and I am terrified. Fin.
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Name Brad
Occupation Student, or would be, but thats hard . .
Birthday April 11th, 1920
Interests Halo swimming sleeping writing short stories pointing out to people why they suck . . .
Music Everything but in moderation. Like alcohol if too much is consumed then sickness follows.
Movies Monty Python and the Holy Grail. WE ARE THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY . . . NEIH!
TV Shows Stargate SG1 . . . um . . . . the Daily Show. Thats about it.
Books Lots and lots of books. . . . THe Wheel of Time Series LOTR Obsidion Trilogy . . . mostly Fantasy/ SciFi.