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30 year-old female from Redlands, CA
Punk-geek dualclass (see?!) gamer, hopeless romantic, and lover of all things rock or film. Born in Norway.

Anything else, you're going to have to look on my profile. I am really nice.
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Okay, seriously . . . THUNDERSTORMS.Post here if you love thunderstorms. I am listening to one right now, I've got the windows flung open and the roll of thunder is coming in, along with the smell of warm rain and wind. It's staring at a fire . . . suddenly time and civilization melt away. You could be anywhere in human history or in the world. Does it sound crazy to say that it's like nature is trying to talk to the animal in us? Really, storms touch something primal in me . . . something about the power of it all, and how suddenly the world is wildly unrecognizable . . .

It's beautiful, and frightening, and awe-inspiring. I want to go out in it.
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Name Ingridia
Occupation Valkyrie...maybe later. Student for now.
Birthday March 12th, 1985
Interests Film writing gaming. I'm very good at DOA3. And moving on up at DOAU. In addition I play a lot of KOTOR both 1 & 2 before you message me and ask. I like music as well . . . see below for details. I have plenty of interests but very little focus. It's like being good at lots of things but great at nothing.
Music Sex Pistols Clash Ramones Dead Kennedys Suicide Machines Weezer Rooney Cramps Misfits Nirvana . . . there are a lot more. The Sex Pistols are number one in my heart now and always! Er I mean number TWO . . .
Movies Army of Darkness SLC Punk Indiana Jones Plan Nine from Outer Space Anything MST3K Star Wars (the original trilogy ONLY) Bubba Ho-tep Ocean's Eleven Donnie Darko Some Like it Hot Ed Wood What's Eating Gilbert Grape Lord of the Rings Tokyo Godfathers Big Fish . . . again I could go on.
TV Shows The stuff I watched as a kid like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! And Rescue Rangers! Did anyone watch Jem? More recently Invader Zim Futurama Sealab 2021 ATHF . . . NYPD Blue and Alias on the more serious side although I have to say I like to laugh more than cry or be scared/thrilled/emotionally manipulated.