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20 year-old male from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I like dogs, dogs are cool.
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So, one of those chatbot things got meWell, i didn't got me. I didn't gave away my Credit Card or anything, but i had tons of fun with it.

It showed up on my MSN. I dint accepted the contact or anything. It was just there.

Inspired by this person i decided to have some fun with it.

It was too long to take a Screen Shot, so i just copied the chat history;

Cheerleader says: (8:45:00 PM)

hay ya here!?!

iParga says: (8:45:23 PM)

hello im dog

Cheerleader says: (8:45:33 PM)

Hi there, hope ya dont mind chatn with a spiteful horny girl, So how are ya?

iParga says: (8:45:47 PM)

I just lost my leg in a train accident

Cheerleader says: (8:45:56 PM)

cc is just to verify age..youll get in for free through my page!

iParga says: (8:46:40 PM)

Since when you use Coconut Cheetos to verify age?

Cheerleader says: (8:46:52 PM)

im 24

iParga says: (8:47:59 PM)

I didnt askd

Cheerleader says: (8:48:12 PM)

Yea i know its random, but my asshole EX cheated on ME so Im on a MANhunt haha i found ur username on a msn male directory, Im gabby, u are? ;-)

iParga says: (8:48:53 PM)

My name is Bill Gates

Cheerleader says: (8:49:05 PM)


iParga says: (8:49:22 PM)


iParga says: (8:49:25 PM)

not jenn

iParga says: (8:49:28 PM)


iParga says: (8:49:32 PM)

not even close

Cheerleader says: (8:49:34 PM)

i c.. Where do you live? i am bored in my apartmentand this usually leads to bad things =D esp since im single and sexually deprived :-(

iParga says: (8:50:03 PM)

I live in nigeria. Im from the royal family, btw.

Cheerleader says: (8:50:14 PM)


iParga says: (8:50:27 PM)

We dont seem be on the same conversation here.

Cheerleader says: (8:50:40 PM)

r you on any dating sites? u seem fun I just took sum naughty pics and put them on my ComeHookup page.. want to see??? hehe

iParga says: (8:51:12 PM)

Mommy says im not suppose to.

Cheerleader says: (8:51:21 PM)

K, here, let me know what u think ! U might have to make an account if you dont have 1 already. It takes literally 1 minute and its completely free.

iParga says: (8:52:31 PM)

How come your email is miss alex, you call your self Gabby?

Cheerleader says: (8:52:44 PM)

Give me ur username when u signup so i can send you a friend request, and if you like my pics maybe we can get to know each other more k? ;)

iParga says: (8:53:05 PM)

My user name is BGnigeriafyeah

iParga says: (8:53:13 PM)

add me

Cheerleader says: (8:53:15 PM)


iParga says: (8:53:30 PM)

Whats up with that jenny?

Cheerleader says: (8:53:42 PM)

Im uploading sum more naughty pics I just took, would like to get your opinion..k?

iParga says: (8:53:53 PM)

Ok. Hang on.

Cheerleader says: (8:54:05 PM)

did u make ur account??

iParga says: (8:54:36 PM)

yeah, totally. Why wouldnt i? Sounds 100% legit!

Cheerleader says: (8:54:45 PM)


iParga says: (8:54:57 PM)

So; you like baseball?

-miss_alex91@hotmail.fr has disconnected-
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