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School stress and gang problemsWell i know i haven't made a real journal in a very long time but i think i found a sufficient topic to tell you guy's about. I have been severely stressed lately, i have an 8 page paper due by Friday for my English class and a 6 page paper due by Friday for my criminal justice class. That wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't piled ion top of local gang activity. There is this state gang here called G.O.B. I have yet to learn the exact meaning but i am sure it's something like gang of brothers or some crap, we just call em gang of bitches since none of them have won a 1 on 1 fight. Well i have a friend living with me due to his overly mean parents and he is in love with a ex gf of one of the gangs leaders. The leader used to do stuff like beat her up shove bottles down her throat etc. Well the gob members didn't like the fact that he sympathized with her so they made up a bunch of stuff and death threats started going around. I really didn't care till bout am last night when they parked next to my house for 10 mins then drove away. The next day that gob leader was arrested for assault harassment etc. so he told at least 10 members to find my friend and beat him up, well since he lives with me it's my problem too, so i got a sword, so did my friend, my mom got a knife and baseball bat, my moms ex got a steel police baton, and my friend called six friends to come with baseball bats, while they never found us it was severely stressing and there had to be cops at my school and other classes. So looks like school is gonna be extra stressing for a while the moral is screw gangs, they are for pussies who can't fight one on one.
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