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21 year-old male
Hi, I'm that guy who made those weird videos on Community Hunter.
Also one half of the show Plot Twist.
Also I love mangos and more importantly Lauren
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iSayWhat RTX2015
Plot Twist Live - RTXHey guys,
This year on the Community Hunter Panel I will be joined by @The_Hybrid and we've decided to do a little special episode of Plot Twist. The questions will be asked by you and answered in the style of Double Twist.

How it will work, on this journal post the question using the format below and then the questions will be given to us before the panel. We won't be checking the comments on this journal someone else will be taking them off for us so we don't see them. Anyone at the panel can ask questions at the microphone and if you are watching the panel on the livestream they'll be asked by another panelist.

Only ask questions on games that have appeared on an episode of Plot Twist, this includes any new episodes leading up to the panel.

The Format.
[Who the question is for] So if it's a game I haven't played put "James", if Dan hasn't put "Dan". If it's for a game we both/neither have say "Any"
[The Game]
[The Question] You can come up with new questions for the games, or base a question the actual episode.
[The Answer]

For example:
What is the flood?
A parasite that feeds of everything and reanimates corpses.

Look forward to seeing you there, have a good day ^_^
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