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A Happy Little Update.So last time I posted a journal style journal was my 2014 summary. Ewww. 2014 was so 4 (nearly 5) months ago. So what's happened that has made me happy? Warning a soppy journal.

I've been living my life not having a clue what I want to do with my life, nor have a reason to do it. I've gone by the terms of having something to look forward to make me happy. For the past few years that was RTX. That was enough to keep me happy, but that isn't a life, working minimum wage, saving the pennies each year, just so I can spend 2 weeks somewhere to then come home and do it again.
Then I met someone, funnily enough we found each other through this site. Someone commented on my journal about my absence and then they saw it appear on their feed. She messaged me directly wishing everything was okay and asked for a bit of advice. I replied then a while later I messaged back to check on her. We got talking, sending over 1000 messages on the site. Then we started texting and skyping. I was going to be traveling and on the way back I could detour to meet her. Thank god I did. And spent an amazing week together. A few weeks later we made it official, my first girlfriend :3

Now the thing that makes me happy isn't the thought of that I'm going to RTX. It's thinking about getting a real job so I can take her places, eventually getting a place together, getting a puggle (pug/beagle cross, we agreed) and living a future together. I love her okay. I've never been able to make a journal like this before. So shh.
She is LrnBnn on the here and twitter go follow her and stuff.
I'm expecting a "Ha Gay" or something in the comments
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