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30 year-old male from Gate City, VA
Professional Video editor

Proud Community Hunter and Creator/Writer/Editor of Community FAQ

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One Year GoneAt around this time a year ago I was uploading a video that I hoped would make a difference in a very small way. That was of course episode one of Community FAQ. I feel very fortunate that I was allowed to make a series that was something at the time I thought I needed to be made to help everyone. It allowed me to do something I never thought I'd do, being allowed to be on the Community Panel at RTX. Plus there have been a few people that have benefited from it so that's always nice.

To be honest thought I made it for a very specific reason, as an editor I had been lazy since graduating grad school (i still feel weird saying that). With student debt piling up and no real way to pay for things I kept feeling like I was hitting a wall. I've been unemployed for a very long time and having a degree hanging on my wall didn't help things as I felt I never earned it. I wanted to feel like I took a step forward. So i put what I had been learning since getting out into something new, thus FAQ.

But now a year has gone by and I haven't done much else again. Basically after RTX took place the remainder of the year was spent helping family and getting a bit of a job that really took up to much of my time to really do much of anything. Of course thats no excuse for this year. I have a few plans to make a couple of FAQ episodes as well as getting back into making community guides. I'm working on some now but I almost felt like I needed to apologize.
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