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11 Years and one long storyWith today being the day that we celebrate the birth of our beloved Rooster Teeth we are all reflecting on what drew us to this amazing community. I keep meaning to tell my story but I also keep forgetting :P so why not make it today.

In 2003/2004 I was in my second year of college when one day my friends gathered our usual group into his room as he had downloaded a weird show where people were making fun of Halo. Oddly enough this was episode 20. We all just sat amazed at how just moving a few characters around made for such an amazingly funny show.

We left the room, quoted what we remembered and where it was appropriate but then I realized "Wait...this is episode 20! Where are 1 - 19?" So i went on a search and not actually knowing about the rooster teeth website (because my friend had gotten them illegally) and sadly I followed suit to find the missing episodes. I laughed and enjoyed the first 19 episodes of the show and of course became a fan.

Around a year and a half later I realized that where I was in life was not good for me. I had jumped into something because I never really knew myself or what I liked to do. I basically had a mental break because I had no plan for my future or anything I had just gone with what other people told me rather than my own choices.

So my sister sat me down, had a talk, and we found I really loved film/televison/radio stuff and there was a program nearby. I got started down that path and never looked back. As RT grew, and i was still a fan all this time legally buying the DVDs this time :P, I felt like I was growing and they sort of pushed me in a way. I went back to old seasons to try and figure out how they did effects like ghost church. It made me curious and in a lot of ways pushed me towards editing because of all the cool things you can do with it.

Really one of the best shorts to me will always be the "Shaving Time" because I just was amazed when I finally realized how it's done.....it did take me a lil ...
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