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29 year-old male from Gate City, VA
Masters program graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Right now I'm a freelance video editor looking for a more permanent.

Proud member of the AH community, just wish i could find time to do more videos.

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AH Video HelperSo I've been thinking for awhile about this. Since I can't really make new AH videos as I really have no spending money to buy new games, and now the Xbox One out (which I wont buy for awhile anyway due to financial issues and games available.

I really want to be a part of the community as I really enjoy every aspect of it. I like to be doing something, to help others with things that are hard for all us, and mostly its because I enjoy editing. But I can't contribute in the usual way so I'm posing this as more of a question to everyone.

I'm sure I say it enough to let everyone know but I have plenty of experience with video editing, proper exporting, and basic rules o...
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