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Finals I think that the US government should dents terrorists to college and force them to become English majors as punishment for their crimes. The stress and pressure of having to write one paper by tomorrow is enough to make me want to die, just imagine how some who knows almost no English would feel having to write one every week for 5 classes every semester. It's crazy. Winter break is close though, and after tomorrow all I have left is chem calc and history. All very easy classes, just a lot of memorization of people, political parties and equations. Random thought; I really have to drop a duce but I don't want to use the dirty smelly bathroom in this lecture hall, even though my class doesn't start until 10 and ends at 11 and I won't get back to my dorm until like 11:15, I don't want get a disease from this trife ass bathroom. I've seen the cleaning lady in my bathroom at Easton, so I know those toilets are clean.. Just gotta muscle thru an hour of awkward silence then another hour an old man spitting on a podium.
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