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kaosblack21 Caboose
26 year-old male from Saint Charles, Missouri
Hey all! My name is Alex.
I'm an RT Community Noob that tries to act like an RT Community Vet.
I draw occasionally, though it isn't very good.

Don't be afraid to friend me if you want. I just want to get to know and talk to as many people in the community as possible since it really is the best in the world!

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kaosblack21 Caboose
Guardians Unite!The call for duty has officially went out. I am going to answer that call, and I will make sure that RTX 2015 becomes the best RTX so far! I can't wait to start talking with my fellow Guardians! Congratulation to all of you!

For those that weren't chosen, this is not the end. Stay active in the community, be a good example of what the Rooster Teeth Community is meant to be, and apply for next year!
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