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kaosblack21 Black Alex
25 year-old male from Saint Charles, Missouri
Hey all! My name is Alex.
I'm an RT Community Noob that tries to act like an RT Community Vet.
I draw occasionally, though it isn't very good.
Going to RTX every year (started in 2013) is one of my top goals in life.

Don't be afraid to friend me if you want. I don't bite at all! I just want to get to know and talk to as many people in the community as possible since it really is the best in the world!

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kaosblack21 Black Alex
Been a whileHey all! It's been quite a long time since I have posted anything. I've been fairly busy with school and work. Dating for a bit, but that ended up going nowhere. Also got Diablo 3 this past week and have been playing that constantly. Up to level 41 on my Wizard playing on Master. Too bad I can't play with anyone online right now.

Last journal I was going to give away my 3 month sponsorship from backing Lazer Team. Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten it to work. Every time I try to do it, it says the site is broken. So just letting the people know that were interested in it; I have not forgotten.

Watched the last 2 episodes of RvB today, and HOLY CRAP! Just a phenomenal job by Miles and everybody who worked on Season 12. Most series would be running on fumes by now. But RvB is still revving up on all cylinders! Some stuff I saw coming, but that last bit after the credits was a big surprise! Can't wait to see what's going down in the RvB thread after that. Really looking forward to when they start shipping Season 12 out. This season of RvB and RWBY will be my first official Blu-Ray (didn't have anything that could play Blu-Ray until I got my Xbox One). I think it's pretty fitting that RT productions would be my first!

Last but not least, I want to wish a belated birthday to @JDunlap! Hope you had a really good one Dude!
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