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kaosblack21 Black Alex
25 year-old male from Saint Charles, Missouri
Hey all! My name is Alex.
I'm an RT Community Noob that tries to act like an RT Community Vet.
I draw occasionally, though it isn't very good.
Going to RTX every year (started in 2013) is one of my top goals in life.

Don't be afraid to friend me if you want. I don't bite at all! I just want to get to know and talk to as many people in the community as possible since it really is the best in the world!

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kaosblack21 Black Alex
Bittersweet DayToday we got the official announcement for the dates of RTX! August 7-9th can't get here fast enough! A whole 10 months away, it's going to feel like a century! I'm glad they have announced it so much earlier this year, as this will allow for hopefully more time to plan accommodations, how to get there, how long my stay will be, etc. I plan to take part in RT Sidequest again. Doing it last year was awesome, and made RTX even better! I'm already excited to see all of you beautiful people again!

Now for the sour part of my day. I was super excited for the chance to go to Kansas City for the RWBY Volume 2 screening at the Alamo Draft House. But I needed to switch hours wi...
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