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A lost artWell seems like forever and a half since I have been on rooster teeth. I really do not know why, but probably cause trying to get my life started and such has slowly taken over my life ( ironic right?) but to be honest part of me keeps thinking about what my life before now use to be like and I am so glad all that stuff is behind me. Mainly because now more doors are opening as to what my carrier is, becoming a welder. While yes I have been welding for the last couple years just barn work and such and a little sculpture work I plan to make this my life cause to be honest manual labor is the only thing i am good at. I can not see myself sitting at some desk everyday filling out paper work and staring at some monitor all day long. I enjoy hard work and sweating and getting my hands dirty it's in me to be a hard worker and not a pencil pusher.
While yes i do agree the new generations of life are becoming more and more technical were everything seems to be running on a computer or operated by one (more lazier people in my opinion), but welding is still all hands on work and even so they are making welding robots, I can not and do not see those taking over the industry at-least not in my life time. It still takes a human hand to get that correct weld and to be able to move the bead of the electrode. Making that bead and leaving that weld is my signature and if you were to go to some fabrication shop or work site with welders you would can see all the different welding techniques and each welder could tell you which one is there's and who everyone else's is.
It's hard for me to keep waking up every morning and here i am 19 and already i feel like i have lived my life to the fullest and seen everything and then I see these high school kids who are probably all a year or just months younger then me and hell they all talk about big corporation jobs an such and i just look at them confused. My generation at least everyone in my class went on to be some kind of engineers or something that was manual labor still, then this next class under us..... it was pretty a big realization that the hard workers, the generations that used there hands, giving there sweat, blood and tears into there work is gone now. To keep myself sane in the shop everyday i keep telling myself there is probably some kid in ohio trying to become a better welder then me.
I don't know where i am exactly going with this rant but as you can tell i am a passionate person when it comes to my welding. While even in the shop I am the 3rd youngest being at 19 while i have people in there 30's-40's coming up and asking me a "new blood" (welding term for new person) for how they can make there welds better and what can they do to become better while i have only less then 5 years of welding under my belt and the instructors have over 20+ and i just feel weird cause It's hard to see these people in there late 40's and such going into a field where they only have a limited time left and here i am just starting my life and pretty much going at this head strong and at will.
To some it seems a bit insane, having to show up everyday to a welding shop. wearing pants, long sleeve shirts, then wearing protective leather jackets and such while constantly dealing with hot metal and toxic fumes that could mess me up at any moment. It just seems crazy to most people, but hey it's a living occupational hazard at it's best. But hey I am happy yes i do give my girl-friend panic attacks when i am late home and such cause she hopes not to have that call saying im in the hospital but she knows the risks and even so I will (not anytime soon) be working with Carcinogen based metals (cancer related/ causing metals) I hope i won't have to work with those kinda metals but if I do it may cause problems in the long run but nothing as of short term affects.
Yes i know i am ranting and raving about how welding is everything to me and such it was just the other day me and some friend of mine were talking about our welding techniques and such and some stranger out of the blue just insulted us about how welders are all convicts, and how we all are destroying the planet and just stinking up the place , to be honest this normally does not offend me....But that day it was a shit day mainly, ventilation was not working and the A/C was frozen over so inside our booths it was 115 degrees while outside it was a cool 90 degrees so mainly we where all pissed and offend and yeah.... you could see the soot covering our faces and clothes, slag/ wire wheel embedded in our clothes as well and some blood from slag cutting us up while sweat dripping off our clothes, we looked like we just came out of war zone.

The sun is gone the night is young, but there is still work to be done
when all is said and done i do not care for the rewards of my work only that i have given it my all and left my mark,
this is my life, my work, my love, my passion, this is who i am. Do not judge me for the actions and misdeeds of others, but judge me as who i am even if you don't know me.
My work is done, the day is young. but there is still more to be done.
I work till my body is tired, but i do not stop, i work will i am done, then work more.
The sun is hot, the wind is cold, the metal it burns, my body it burns.
sweat, tears, blood, pain, happiness, sorrow.
The sun it sets and the moon she rises, the chill cools the earth and my work complete and content
I am a welder, and this is my life.
The sun is gone the night is young, but there is still work to be done.

- D.
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