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4 years....Wow. Four years have passed sense my last journal post. Been awhile my friends. I've been busy to say the least. Went over seas to fight for my country, trained Spec Ops, learned to fear the marine core for completely different reasons, left the military, bummed it for a year (vacation), found work as security and sold life insurance, quit the security job, kept the insurance gig (pays more), about to buy a house and going to collage. I still watch anime: got a whole new list of anime that I watch, built a new computer then accidently fried it, then rebuilt it!!!! Now here i stand or sit. Coming back to RvB and seeing all the changes and additions to the crew. I am quiet happy. Rooster Teeth: you guys are awesome. I've been here since episode 12 of blood gulch but didn't make an account until sometime later. I'm proud to be a member and will probably going to be a sponsor. Because I just started listening to the podcast and heard about the DayZ servers for sponsors. Please keep up the good work and Monty Oum, RWBY is awesome. Even though it's a trailer, still amazing. Glad to be back and will be back a lot more.
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