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KistyNocturn Cat Gamer
Female from California
Gaming Kitty cat female, audio and video editor, writer, photographer, gamer, and Graphic Artist, and vector re-creator. Big fan of gaming, Rooster Teeth, and Achievement Hunter.

I make Let's Plays, and once in a while host streams with some members of the community. Once in a while I will appear in some Community Achievement Guides or make my own.

Favorite Quote: "When you first don't succeed, try, try again."
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KistyNocturn Cat Gamer
Coloring Book maybe?I was thinking about it for a while, I have been making vector art for over a year. As time has gone on, I have slowed down on what drawings I am making. Earlier today, an idea hit me to make a coloring book.

The questions that plague me which characters should I put in the book, how many pages should it be, weather I should do it for profit or charity, and if I were to make the book, what characters should I put in it.

Video games, anime and tv etc.
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