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KistyNocturn Cat Gamer
Female from California
Gaming Kitty cat female, audio and video editor, writer, photographer, gamer, and Graphic Artist, and vector re-creator. Big fan of gaming, Rooster Teeth, and Achievement Hunter.

I make Let's Plays, and once in a while host streams with some members of the community. Once in a while I will appear in some Community Achievement Guides or make my own.

Favorite Quote: "When you first don't succeed, try, try again."
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KistyNocturn Cat Gamer
No new videos this weekSo, I recorded videos and did commentary but you know what I forgot to do before heading to my brother's place in another state....if you say "Upload them to YouTube," you are correct.

I completely forgot to upload the new videos I had wanted to launch this week, which would be the NEW gaming with friends series featuring Dari in one game and another game featuring my friend Flapnasty, sadly this will not be the week they are released, that will be next week since I am not returning home until Friday morning, because I have to work Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Well hope everyone has a safe holiday that celebrates it, to everyone else enjoy your week. Now if you excu...
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