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30 year-old male from Iowa

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Name Ram
Occupation DJ, Songwriter, Beat Mixer, Composer
Birthday February 4th, 1985
Interests Music miniature golf (It's just like real golf except you don't have to go on a frantic search for your ball.... even though the way I play I end up having to do that anyways) irony (and pointing out irony in every situation) oh and ninjas
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Music There's not enough space to list it. In my line of work you have to be open to a lot. But even so out of ALL the musical acts I am exposed to on nearly a daily basis my most favorite band would have to be Rush.
Movies They say nostalgia is the spice that improves any mediocrity. But there have been some recently acceptable ones. I�39;m not going to go into detail as I'm too lazy to keep checking this list but this is the best way to put it.
TV Shows see above
Books Anything by Tom Clancy especially the Net Force series. Op Center series is pretty good too. These days the works of Brian Clevinger Anthony Burgess and Neil Gaiman have caught my eye too.