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32 year-old male from Higley, AZ
i'll fill this in later....
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so lets seeThis year i've:
-Lost my mind (still looking for a new one)
-Lost my job (see above)
-Lost my Xbox 360 of 4yrs (died of error 74 as opposed to RROD)
-Forced Sobriety sucks
-Found i'm pretty good at writing and currently pursuing that by writing stories online (basically comic style fanfiction) until i'm confident to publish something.
-Working on an amv project with some friends for a friend that moved away (thought apparently i'm the only one actually working on it now)

overall. fuck you 2010
so lets go up to 11 next year.
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Name christopher
Occupation None
Birthday June 10th, 1983
Interests Movies Video Games Bowling Drawing Playing Guitar
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Music My taste varies with my mood. I'm willin to listen to almost anything..atleast once. But to give you an idea...Metallica Hurt Megadeth Black Sabbath Five Finger Death Punch Iron Maiden Tool APC Simon & Garfunkel Authority Zero Korn Green Day Audioslave Nonpoint Soundgarden The Beatles Dio The Rolling Stones Slipknot Lacuna Coil Smashing Pumpkins Faith No More Nirvana Motorhead G'n'R RHCP Van Halen Echobrain Iron Horse Apocalyptica Disturbed Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine Alice in Chains Offspring Mastodon Social D Porcupine Tree Judas Priest Rob Zombie Queen Alice Cooper Pantera Outkast Matisyahu NIN Kyuss Queens Of The Stone Age Bush Bob Seger System Of A Down Stone Temple Pilots Kittie The Donnas CCR Bruce Springsteen Blues Traveler Los Lobos Cold Dethklok Foo Fighters Killswitch Engaged Scientist Earshot Stabbing Westward Blue Oyster Cult Kiss Jimi Hendrix Crossfade AC/DC Aerosmith Beatallica Drowning Pool etc...
Movies Simpson's Movie 300 Memphis Belle Kung-fu Hustle This Is Spinal Tap Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm all of the View Askew movies just to give you an idea
TV Shows Cartoons (though more recent shows are of subpar quality)
Books Currently Reading-Thunderbolts (Though not since Jeff Parker turned into Agents of Cage) Birds of Prey Green Lantern Green Lantern Corps and Star Wars: Legacy (series discontinued tho eagerly awaiting the War 6 issue mini)