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My thoughts on Lightning's Return:Final Fantasy XIII...so far- Those who have played Majora's Mask will probably be able to progress through this game more naturally than those who didn't. Lucky me that I am one of the latter.

-FF13 was a little tuff with the no gil and giants of monsters and what not. XIII-2 was slightly easier and actually more enjoyable and felt more like Final Fantasy. LR:FF13...feels like it came straight outta Square's left field and I have no idea how to tackle it. Or where it even falls in to the universe's time line... especially given the fact that I time traveled all through this universe in XIII-2.

-When my enemies were becoming unsettling more difficult, resulting in 20minute battles in the "first" area. I checked my guide... instead of being an area-based linear story, the new time element makes it literally a linear-linear story. I've progressed certain elements a bit too far in the initial area. More than I should've. Expunging valuable gil and recover items, and most valuable of all in game time, which I think is about 6-8 game hours to 30-60 minutes real time.

I have come to the realization that I will probably have to restart the game after only 4-6 hours of play. I will, in good form, continue to salvage what ever hell I've created for myself until the bitter end.
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Music System of a Down (or any rock music). I'm not opposed to rap but there's gotta be something better on the radio. Plus im kinda fed up with little rich Disney bitches who ";think" their good (cause there not).
Movies Jurassic Park (all of them 3rd one not as much though) Cowboy Bebop The Movie (Amazing) The Punisher (I love the scene where he shoots the blade through the bounty hunters neck) Super Troopers ("Litre is French for GIVE ME SOME GOD DAMN COLA!") and The Last Samurai (hey Tom Cruize might be crazy but i like his work)
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