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29 year-old male from Oak Creek, WI
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Short story in progressIn. Out. In. Out.

The only motivation left to me is my impromptu mantra.

Breath in. Breath out…

Each breath is harder and more painful than the last. I can tell my injuries from my ass kicking had caused one of my lungs to collapse. I had to move quickly.


SLAM! I fall to my knees and hit the wall. Hard.

Come on! Get UP! BREATH!

Where this determination was coming from I didn’t know. I was never a real fighter. If life landed a punch on me I would just take it and accept it. Never throwing punches back at life. Perhaps my brain was shutting down to its most primitive urges to survive.

Breath in, out. Get up, keep moving…

It seemed luck had been on my side. This hospital had been close by. It’s virtually untouched. Which was weird. Even weirder was my attackers weren’t pursuing me. I didn’t have time to think about that. It’s not the immediate need. I need to find the Operating Room. I had lost my supplies in the chaos and so I needed to find what I needed in that room. The past year’s experiences and need for basic survival had prepared me for what I was going to have to do to fix me. Struggling now, I made it to the part of the hallway with the operating room. No door knobs means no problems.


No Lights because no power. It didn’t matter. ORs were all set up the same. Fumbling along the supply cabinets I reach the appropriate drawers…

It’s getting darker…fuzzier…quieter…Man, my eyes are heavy….I have to…….

SLAP! My hand as if it had a mind of its own smacked across my face. Gaining me a few more quick moments of effective consciousness. Not time to think, just do! I reach into the drawer and pull out the long needle. It’s wrapped in a sterile paper and plastic packaging. In one fluid motion I tear off the wrapping and pull up my shirt.
I hate needles.

Tears filling my eyes as each breathe become farther and farther apart. I feel my ribs searching for the right space between the right set of ribs. Placing the sharp needle t...
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Name Matt
Occupation Analytical and Microbiological Specialist for MillerCoors-Milwaukee
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Music System of a Down (or any rock music). I'm not opposed to rap but there's gotta be something better on the radio. Plus im kinda fed up with little rich Disney bitches who ";think" their good (cause there not).
Movies Jurassic Park (all of them 3rd one not as much though) Cowboy Bebop The Movie (Amazing) The Punisher (I love the scene where he shoots the blade through the bounty hunters neck) Super Troopers ("Litre is French for GIVE ME SOME GOD DAMN COLA!") and The Last Samurai (hey Tom Cruize might be crazy but i like his work)
TV Shows Family Guy Star Trek (TNG DS9 Voyager and the original of course. i also liked Enerprise.) Stargate SG-1(seasons 1-7ish after richard dean anderson left i just lost all hope) Stargate Atlantis (I dont like many spin-offs but i like this one)
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