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Rooster Teeth and MeIn honesty I started watching Jack and Geoff goofing around on AH about 2 years ago now and from then have never looked back. Red vs. Blue is the only show I ever watch now and the podcast is just the funniest thing to listen to while I'm walking to work or doing tasks around the house.

But this has sparked something bigger in me. Watching and listening to all of their stellar content has made me realize that I should be doing something I love and making the most out of life, well that and a major kick up the ass by my girlfriend. These wonderful people, Jack included, have inspired me to go out and make something of my life by doing what I love and not sitting at home doing nothing/doing a menial job for menial means. So I am on the verge of taking up a Broadcast Journalism course at college to hopefully one day be a Radio DJ or maybe get into TV. So all in all I just want to say one thing to Burnie and the guys...

Thank you for being my inspiration and for making me realize that doing something you love can make you feel great about yourself.

Thank you,
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