Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference
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1:09 PMGreat array of games. I actually am relieved they aren't all launch titles.   burnie
1:06 PMAnd that wraps up the Microsoft 2013 Media Event... we'll be checking out as many games as we can over the next few days... stay tuned to Achievement Hunter for more!   jack
1:06 PMThat wraps up the Xbox press conference. 10/10 on the press conference scale   Ray
1:05 PMDamn... that looks really good... Titanfall... coming in the Spring   jack
1:05 PMDat Mech Takedown!   Ray
1:04 PMJet packs and wall-jumping! The mech combat looked fast and fluid   Ray
1:01 PMMultiplayer gameplay of Titanfall!   Ray
1:01 PMThe original Modern Warfare team is back with TitanFall. That trailer looked awesome. Watching gameplay now.   burnie
1:00 PMTitanfall looks fantastic! Those mechs look badass   Ray
12:59 PMLoads of mechs... looks awesome... saw an assassination where one guy got yanked out of a mech... very cool   jack
12:57 PMOne final title to show off... Titan Fall... the Respawn title (former Infinity Ward guys)   jack
12:57 PMGotta have $499 saved up by November 21st   Ray
12:56 PMXbox One -- $499 US... launching in November... that's a bit much...   jack
12:56 PMHalo at 60 FPS!   Ray
12:55 PMHalo 5 running at 60 FPS   jack
12:55 PMWell, that was a cool reveal. Halo is a new title for Xbox One at 60 fps.   burnie
12:54 PMSweet poncho Master Chief. Can't wait will 2014!   Ray
12:54 PMThat was a... Masterful... Reveal for Halo.   Jinx
12:54 PMHoly crap... MASTER CHIEF looking all Ben Kenobi... in robes and giant shit coming out of the sand... 2014... Xbox One   jack
12:52 PMXbox is doing a great job of showing genre, style, and scale range for their launch line up.   Jinx
12:51 PMI want to see more of Below. Brief glimpse, really small on these screens. You guys probably saw it better at home.   burnie
12:51 PMA new title called "Below" ...hard to gauge... now talking about franchises... mentioned Halo and Gears...   jack
12:49 PMWhen the sound works in this arena, it's earth shattering. I may have some loose teeth now.   burnie
12:49 PMThe first Battlefield 4 map pack is hitting Xbox One before any other consoles...   jack
12:47 PMThe audio is also outstanding. Glad they got it fixed   Ray
12:45 PMGood thing we've got audio... the guns and grenades are like a punch to the chest... Battlefield 4 is really colorful as well...   jack
12:45 PMBattlefield 4 looks sick. It's running so smoothly at 60FPS   Ray
12:43 PMThere we go... we've got audio now...   jack
12:42 PMAnother audio issue... looks like the guys on stage are confused...   jack
12:41 PMSo happy to be seeing nothing but games at this press conference. God I want an Xbox One now!   Ray
12:41 PMEA and Dice just stepped on stage... Battlefield 4 gameplay next   jack
12:40 PMDR3 demo ended with an artillery strike called in by SmartGlass. I'm sold.   burnie
12:40 PMI just realized we haven't seen anything from Activision, EA or Ubisoft yet...   jack
12:39 PMVery excited to play Dead Rising 3. It looked a little more "serious" than the previous ones. I hope it still has a sense of humor   Ray
12:38 PMThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt... coming to Xbox One   jack
12:38 PMDead Rising 3, this holiday... didn't say if it was a launch title.   jack
12:37 PMI wonder if Dead Rising 3 has drivatars...   Jinx
12:37 PMDR is one of the few great single player franchises that I want to see expand into multiplayer.   burnie
12:36 PMNo more work benches. Build on the go!   Ray
12:36 PMAnd I say that... they create a "Sledge-Saw" and slice a zombie in half... yeah... still goofy...   jack
12:34 PMThis looks a lot more gritty than the previous Dead Rising games... I always liked the humor in them... hope it isn't lost in 3   jack
12:34 PMThe crowd dynamics in this DR3 demo are nuts.   burnie
12:33 PMI wonder if Nick has covered wars   Ray
12:33 PMNick Ramos is the main character this time... no malls yet...   jack
12:33 PMDead Rising does huge hordes better than anyone. They get zombies right.   burnie
12:31 PMRay just ruined his pants....   jack
12:31 PMOddly enough, that audio blunder woke this audience up a bit.   burnie
12:31 PMDEAD RISING 3!!!!!!!!!!!   Ray
12:31 PMDEAD RISING 3...   jack
12:30 PMXbox One, now with real money!   Jinx
12:29 PMXbox Live Gold Sharing coming to Xbox One... as long as you have a gold account anyone else can use gold status from your house...   jack
12:29 PMNo more Microsoft points!   Ray
12:28 PMThat Twitch partnership with Xbox One is huge.   burnie
12:28 PMFrankerZ   Ray
12:28 PMAble to DVR a match and edit/upload... and now you can stream from your Xbox One via Twitch...   jack
12:27 PM"Just let it happen. It will be over soon."   Jinx
12:26 PMJumped from Ryse into Killer Instinct almost immediately.. I want this to be real... so real...   jack
12:26 PMI hope to see a combo breaker   Ray
12:24 PMProject Spark is a title that's impossible to judge until the community has had it's hands it for a year or so.   burnie
12:23 PMProject Spark allows you to make games within the game... we've seen Galaga, Angry Birds, Geometry Wars and more built within the game...   jack
12:22 PMWhen I grow up I want to be Rockman   Ray
12:21 PMProject Spark: making your dream of having a pet rock a reality.   Jinx
12:20 PMJesus... first terrible pun as well... somewhere Barbara is smiling...   jack
12:19 PMProject Spark is the first to use Kinect on stage... (and Smartglass)   jack
12:18 PMAlmost an hour in and I have yet to see sports or TV...   jack
12:17 PMRemedy is taking bullet time to a whole new level, huh?   Jinx
12:16 PMWe're seeing more of Quantum Break now... looks visually insane... frozen time... character models look awesome   jack
12:14 PMGetting to see more info about Quantum Break. First time we have heard the word "show" in this conference.   burnie
12:14 PMLooks like Achievement City will be bigger and better on the Xbox One. That being said, I want a second floor added on to my dirt house   Ray
12:13 PMMinecraft is coming to Xbox One... bigger worlds... bigger multiplayer... ACHIEVEMENT CITY 2.0.   jack
12:12 PMHe's talking about indie developers and how Xbox One supports them   jack
12:12 PM I wonder if I can teach my drivatar to text and drive?   Jinx
12:11 PM I wonder if I can teach my drivatar to text and drive?   Jinx
12:11 PMPhil Harrison is on stage now... Microsoft's version of Rooster Teeth's Shannon (Agent Washington)   jack
12:11 PMSO Forza has a new system that learns how you drive and your Drivatar will drive tracks like you do.   burnie
12:10 PMListening to the Forza dudes talk about cars is like listening to Joel talk about total worldwide economic collapse. You can feel the passion.   burnie
12:09 PMI hope you don't need a license for the "Drivatar"...   Ray
12:09 PMIn Forza 5, the game logs your type of gameplay and then applies it as an opponent for other players online... that's a cool idea   jack
12:08 PMFirst dumb new buzzword "Drivatar"   jack
12:07 PM@jack We are just happy the dude didn't get out of the car.   burnie
12:06 PMGreat to see Insomniac's vision for next gen on Xbox One. I don't know what Sunset Overdrive is about but I know I want it.   Jinx
12:06 PMForza 5 just brought a McLaren on stage FROM THE GROUND... I want to touch that car... I want it to have my babies.   jack
12:05 PMSunset Overdrive looks like Jet Set Radio Theft Auto Lands. Can't wait to play it.   burnie
12:05 PMIt's time for a racing game... talking about McLaren...   jack
12:04 PMI want a vinyl record launcher   Ray
12:04 PMSunset Overdrive already impressing me.   burnie
12:03 PMKiller Instinct an exclusive for Xbox One? So pumped!   Ray
12:03 PMSunset Overdrive is up now... it's an open world game that changes over time... Insomniac Games   jack
12:02 PMKiller Instinct is back. That's going to make lots of people happy.   burnie
12:02 PMI think Ray is excited for Crytek.   jack
12:02 PMMay have hit submit a few times. Whoops   Ray
12:02 PMHuge cheer for Killer Instinct... ULTRAAAA COMBOOOO   jack
12:01 PMRyse to me had that super clean launch title look. Dev saying uses CryEngine. Curious to see what release looks like.   burnie
12:01 PMCrytek = Quality. Excited to check this game out   Ray
12:01 PMCrytek = Quality. Excited to check this game out   Ray
12:01 PMCrytek = Quality. Excited to check this game out   Ray
12:01 PMCrytek = Quality. Excited to check this game out   Ray
12:01 PMHoly... Killer Instinct!!!   jack
12:01 PMCrytek = Quality. Excited to check this game out   Ray
12:01 PMCrytek = Quality. Excited to check this game out   Ray
12:00 PMWow, it's from Crytek... that's surprising...   jack
11:59 AMRyse showing cool perspective of being inside a phalanx approaching a city. Very cool.   burnie
11:58 AMThis game is brutal   Ray
11:58 AMOddly enough, this reminds me a lot of Call of Duty 2... land on a beach, take out the beachhead... command troops... very cool   jack
11:56 AMFirst time we've seen live gameplay of the Xbox One...   jack
11:55 AMLive demo of Ryse.   Ray
11:54 AMRYSE... Son of Rome... very atmospheric trailer... sounds like Jeremy Irons talking... live demo now...   jack
11:53 AMFirst new franchise up -- Roman architecture stuff....   jack
11:53 AMMSFT coming heavy with games, as expected.   burnie
11:52 AMPhil Spencer is out now to talk about Xbox One titles... here we go Next Gen   jack
11:52 AMDark Souls 2, now with more bass   Ray
11:51 AMDark Souls II trailer running now, I think they are attempting to shake out my fillings with the bass.   jack
11:51 AMMax and The Curse of Brotherhood looks like an awesome platformer. Excited to check it out   Ray
11:50 AMA new title "Max and the Curse of Brotherhood" -- Looks like the plot of Labyrinth   jack
11:49 AMHoly crap it's free!   Ray
11:49 AMWorld of Tanks will be a free download too... very cool   jack
11:49 AMThis dude is so Russian, I think Bruce Willis is waiting back stage to take him out.   burnie
11:48 AM15 on 15 team warfare... who wants to blow some crap up?   jack
11:48 AM*like   burnie
11:47 AMOdd that MS starting a massive marketing push live free Gold games and NOT using Fable as a starter. That seems to be their guinea pig franchise.   burnie
11:47 AMWorld Of Tanks Let's Play?   Ray
11:47 AMI can only imagine Gavin piloting a tank in a Let's Play... this could be fun.   jack
11:46 AMLooks like World of Tanks is coming to the Xbox 360...   jack
11:46 AMThe lit fuse in this video is running all around the arena in 360 degrees. Cool immersive effect.   burnie
11:45 AM3 new Xbox 360 titles...   jack
11:45 AMMS going right after Playstation Plus with free game downloads. AC and Halo 3 first up.   burnie
11:45 AMGotta love free games   Ray
11:45 AMTwo free games for Xbox Live Gold Members if you stay an Xbox Live Gold member... Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed 2 for free...   jack
11:44 AMNew Xbox 360 design, available starting today... it's modified to look more like an Xbox One... very cool   jack
11:44 AMXbox 361?   Ray
11:43 AMYusuf Mehdi is here to talk about Xbox 360... announced 8 Summers ago... sheesh...   jack
11:43 AMPhantom Pain looks incredible. I was blown away. Dat Ponytail   Ray
11:43 AM13 next generation titles exclusive to Xbox One today...   jack
11:42 AMDon Mattrick takes the stage with Hideo Kojima, interesting way to start.   jack
11:41 AMNot personally a fan of the series but Metal Gear has come a long way from exclamation points over dude's heads.   burnie
11:39 AMSnake just talked... sounded like David Hayter... not Keefer...   jack
11:39 AMThe graphics in this look insane... Red Dead on crack...   jack
11:37 AMStarted with a game? Where the fuck is the hardware? #neverbehappy   burnie
11:37 AMKojima productions... Metal Gear Solid goes open world....   jack
11:36 AMJust spotted Ray and Jack in the crowd. The nudity is uncalled for, guys. Be professional.   burnie
11:36 AMJust spotted Ray and Jack in the crowd. The nudity is uncalled for, guys. Be professional.   burnie
11:36 AMWe're starting with Konami... guys on horses..   jack
11:35 AMIT BEGINS!!!   Ray
11:35 AMLights dim, here we go!   jack
11:35 AMJust realized that Burnie is on our row, just two sections over... he is also green.   jack
11:32 AMI can't wait to see exclusives today... with all the hardware announcement, I expect a ton of game information.   jack
11:29 AMIf you want to comment along with the liveblog, go here:   jack
11:25 AM5 minutes left!   Ray
11:25 AMRobot lady said that the briefing is going to begin in 5 minutes. Cheers from the audience.   jack
11:23 AMHey, I am here as well. Will join in intermittently. -- BURNIE   burnie
11:23 AMHey, I am here as well. Will join in intermittently. -- BURNIE   burnie
11:23 AMIf they announce a new Dead Rising game I may explode from excitement   Ray
11:23 AMFrom what I've gathered, Burnie is trying to get in on the liveblog as well! Keep an eye out for him.   jack
11:22 AMAlright, I think we got Ray up and working on my iPad... robot voice lady told us not to walk in aisles... I wonder what that means.   jack
11:19 AM
Team AH bathed in green.   jack
11:18 AMI can't connect to the wifi :( Here's hoping my 3G holds up   Ray
11:15 AMHonestly though, I would kill for a Skate 4 on Xbox One.   jack
11:14 AMPersonally I'm hoping for info on the next Halo games (Spartan Assault, or maybe Halo 5) and maybe a surprise or two? Mirror's Edge 2 perhaps?   jack
11:13 AM*nerding   Ray
11:13 AMI'm completely needing out right now. I just want the event to start!   Ray
11:11 AMWe're having some issues with the wi-fi (shocking) so getting photos up might be a bit more difficult. We'll keep trying!   jack
11:10 AM
A more centered shot of the stage.   jack
11:04 AMRight now they are just playing random music and occasionally showing some of the Xbox One preview vids. (The ones showing off the console and controller)   jack
11:03 AMRay and I are up in the nosebleeds, but we have a seat and Wi-Fi!   jack
10:59 AM
Birds eye view!   jack
10:34 AM
We are here!   jack
10:25 AMRay and I are on site at the presser! Filler updates soon!   jack