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22 year-old male from Blood Gulch, Outpost Alpha, Red base
Im from Haywards Heath, England
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Love poemThis is just a love poem that i wrote in memory of my ex girlfriend, Loise.

Sometime late at night, I lie awake and watch you sleeping.
You’re lost in peaceful dreams, so I turn off the lights, and I lay there in the dark.
And then the thought crossed my mind
If I never wake again, and leave you in the night
Would you ever doubt the way I feel towards you in my heart?

Cause I’ve lost loved ones in my life. Who never knew how much I loved them.
Now I live with the regret, that my true feelings for them never were revealed.
So I made a promise to myself. To say each day, how much you mean to me.
And avoid that circumstance; where there’s no second chance to tell you how I feel.
And if my life comes and goes, will you know how much I loved you.
Did I try every day to show you how I feel, that you’re my only love.
And if my time on this earth were for nought, would you be able to get through, to get on without me
Is all the love that I gave you in the past, going to be enough to last?
If our tomorrow never comes
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Name Matt
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Birthday February 18th, 1993
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Music I like listening to Coldplay MCR (My Chemical Romance) The Killers Razorlight and The Feeling. Some of these bands are British so some of you will probabaly never have heard of them.
Movies I like watching any movie although i love films with lots of violence and gore. On the other hand i like watching fantasy and plenty of Sci-fi movies as well. I am a great fan of Firefly and the Stagate T.V series's
Books "Sharpe" series by Bernard Cornwell and "The Eagle" series and "The Revolution Quartet" both by Simon Scarrow