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Name Eddie
Birthday August 28th, 1977
Interests 40K Lego's Table Top Role Playing Games Reading (History usually) Survival Horror Games RTS Games and Role Playing Games Politics Telling stories about stupid shit I've done or stupid shit my friends have done. Oh yeah and any kind of animal thats cute and fuzzy.
Music Alice in Chains Aphex Twin David Gray Dirty Vegas The Faint KMFDN Mobey Mudvayne NIN Orbital Paul Van Dyk Portis Head Ray Charles Sara McLaughlin Therion U2
Movies American Sweethearts Blast from the Past Confidence Dr. Strangelove Duece Biggilo: Male Gigilo Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Quit possibly one of the most depressing Movies ever) EverAfter Fight Club Good Will Hunting Jeremiah Johnson (Classic Redford not very historically acurate but still really good) Little Bigman (It's a classic Dustin Hoffman film if you havn't heard of it you should go out and rent it) (NOW!!!) Memento Pi (The symbol not the food) Predator The Prinncess Bride Platoon The Running Man Serenity Shakespear in Love Shaun of the Dead Sweet Home Alabama Titus Total Recall The Usual Suspects What Dreams May Come
TV Shows Ok I'm going to say something that is very unpopular here.... I like reality shows. Mostly because I have the TV going while I'm doing something else and I hate being interuppeted by annoying things like witty comentary or an intriguing plotline. If I wanted something like that I'l watch a porno or play a video game.
Books 1984 Alice In Wonderland All quiet on the Western Front American Gods Armor Dark Tower Seriers by Steven King (The Gunslinger The Drawing of the Three The Dark Tower Wizard in Glass) The Dinosaur Heresies For the Love of Evil Homeland (Book 1 in the Dark Elf Trilogy) I Strahd Knight of the Black Rose The Stand Starship Troopers The Thief of Always The Twins series in the Dragonlance Saga (Time of the Twins War of the Twins and Test of the Twins) Vampire of the Mists. The Story of Roe V. Wade Horus Rising False Gods (The First two books in the Horus Heresy Trilogy) White Plume Mountain Descent into the Depths of the Earth Queen of the DemonWeb Pits