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The long waitOk, so I just figured out my password after not being on for nine months. sheesh. How is everyone, looks like a lot has changed sorry to see the mckay comics are gone. Ok so big new, my wife and I are going to have a baby. We actually go to the doctor tomorrow to make it 100% official!!!!! Ok off to bed, I am so happy I remembered my password
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Name Bieser
Occupation IT Programmer
Birthday May 23rd, 1983
Interests Computers X-box 360 basically anthing that Microsoft sales
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Music Basically anything you can snowmobile too or good for playing video games. So a good example is some of the stuff from AFI like Prelude 12-21 Coal Chamber DMX and I always love the song Eye of the Tiger.
Movies Love any actions scifis and comedy's
TV Shows Smallville Family Guy Supernatural
Books I just started reading the Halo book and im they are pretty damn good. I just bought a book over Blackbeard and cant wait to start it. Other than that since the time i have been able to read I was reading Star Wars books so i still read them but not as much