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jack Cast & Crew
Hey Jack, i just made a GTA 5 map where one team stands on a skyscraper armed with rockets and miniguns and the other is armed with jets. It is called "King Shlong". i hope you guys try it and have fun with it.
15 hours ago  |  Conversation
Cornworld Sponsor
I love you Jack :3 you are so funny
Hello from Sweden ( i am from Sweden )
18 hours ago  |  Conversation
I forgot to tell you I also Watch the GOs.
5 days ago  |  Conversation
I am a big fan of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth. I watch your lets plays, rage quits, lets builds, and rt life. I always laugh at Gavin screwing up in the lets plays and when Michael gets angry over a game. I admit I sometimes do that too. I think about you, Michael, Gavin, Geoff, Ray, Ryan, Joel, Kerry, Lindsey, Adam, Gus, and the rest of the crew all the time. i ejoy watching you guys play games with each other.
5 days ago  |  Conversation
You could challenge Lindsay to Grim Eclipse in VS.
6 days ago  |  Conversation
FlutterDash7 Friendly Guy
Jack you bearded weirdo, your invited to this awesome milestone live streaming event
Tell your friends (and your beard)
1 week ago  |  Conversation
Gladstone135 Dragonborn
This is really cool, Jack. Congratulations.
1 week ago  |  Conversation
Remember this? :P

1 week ago  |  Conversation
Kevolution dont get bit
I actually played the hell out of this game... don't really know if I enjoyed it or why I was so addicted... but I played the fucker... a lot.
#1  Posted 1 week ago
All the idiots claim that you aren't funny but you are. AH wouldn't be where it is without you, and the brats who just like hearing Gavin and Michael scream aren't important. You and the beard rock!
1 week ago  |  Conversation
drew Splunge
idk I feel like the beard has been a little subdued these last couple of weeks? .....we need a bit more of the old Burly Jack Beard action back!!!

....just go on a terror and kill Gavin for no reason....just every so often everyone loves a bit of Viking beard Jack!
1 week ago  |  Conversation
drew Splunge
....or take on Mogar? ....either way you get my point.
#1  Posted 1 week ago
xIxSinist3r Sponsor
Hey Jack, have you guys thought about doing a Gone in 60 seconds style let's play where:
1) You either give everyone a list of cars to obtain and the first one to get them all wins


2) Have a universal list that you all work together to get.
The only rule is that you must maintain a wanted level at all times. I think that would be pretty fun to watch....And Geoff can be Nic Cage for the day.
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
BravatarGabe AH Gabe
For the next minecraft lets play lets have mogar suited in all diamond fight his way through a castle versing the lads and the gents to get to the mad king ryan and kerry the evil edgar and save princess Lindsay
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Hey Jack,can you guys do a let's play batman arkham origins multiplayer and I will like to see it.
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Jack! Are you going to be in charge of the Extra Life stream again? I just wanted to first say how great of a job you did last year. Secondly, I thought of something that might get you a good deal of donations. At the risk of sounding creepy, I will comment that Roosterteeth is full of some lovely ladies. The large male fan base is quite a fan of these ladies. How about a good ol' fashioned swimsuit calendar of any people who are willing to do such a thing? Then... you have a swimsuit calendar of the gentleman as well, and see which one sells better. Or combine them into one giant calendar. Just a thought, sounded like something fun and up your alley.
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Hi jack i really need your help, i'm starting small little youtube channel with my cousins but i'm not here to beg for your support i would just like to know what program and how you record everyone's audio on one computer? If you could help that would be greatly appreciated
3 weeks ago  |  Conversation
We use Audacity up here at AH.
#1  Posted 2 weeks ago
I was under the impression Audacity didn't work with multi track, do you by any chance know what version you have?
#2  Posted 2 weeks ago
Just an idea not sure if it'll work but could you pick up a cargobob with a cargobob which is picking up a car on Gta v It would be a funny attempt or a plane and then have a tug of war between the bob and a plane
3 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Hey Jack! I hope you and anyone in the office that plays Smite has reached at least level 10 during the beta. All players that are at least level 10 will claim 600 gems.

Smite is live now! Hopefully I'll see you on the battleground of the gods! Take care!
3 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Jack! I saw on a recent Podcast that you'd like to do a live action film of some sort. Coincidentally enough, a few friends and myself have started a three film project, the first entitled Ember. We have little to no amount of notoriety, and when I heard you wanted to work on a live action film, my heart went right through my ceiling, (I should probably patch that up soon.) and was hoping if you could assist us, with your vast amounts of experience in the line of work. If you feel interested, (And we all really hope you do.) could you toss an email over at If so, that would be the greatest thing. If not, well, best not to cry over spilled milk, eh? Have a nice day...
3 weeks ago  |  Conversation
loags22 Sponsor

please bring this up at some point
4 weeks ago  |  Conversation
too bad its fake :(
#1  Posted 4 weeks ago
Jake487 Gamer United
Check this pillow out!!
4 weeks ago  |  Conversation
TrevorSuwyn Sponsor
I just want you to know how envious I am of your beard.
4 weeks ago  |  Conversation
aKnightmare Sponsor
Hey Jack,
I don't know if you play Forza 5 but I made a car design for y'all

4 weeks ago  |  Conversation
That is a awsome design
#1  Posted 2 weeks ago
Hey Jack,
I sent Geoff a message, but I don't know if it got through, could you please send me an email at
I have some stuff to talk/ask about
4 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Jack can I be in your next lets play of Minecraft.
1 month ago  |  Conversation
You know there are people who make replicas of AC. You could ask around and join their worlds.
#3  Posted 3 weeks ago
but I want to meet them.
#4  Posted 3 weeks ago
OH MY GOD! BEST IDEA FOR A TRANSITION LETSPLAY TO THE XBOX 1! You ready. "Battle of Achievement City"
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Deltasword Vode An
According to this study, you would do comparatively better in combat against someone without a beard. Of course they would have the same level of training that you had.
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Hey is anyone in the office playing dark souls 2? Haha just wondering
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Hey Jack what do you think is the funest lets play you have ever done?
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Hey Jack heres a list of stuff I'd like to recommend to you
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Darkfire51 Sponsor
Good day Jack. I've noticed you guys at RT have been commenting on "The Move" on the podcast for months now and it sounds like the big day is almost upon you. I know this is probably not what you were trying to accomplish (except maybe Gus, or Gavin) but if you guys need any more sets of hands and expendable back, then I'd love to volunteer to help you guys out.

I'll be honest and admit that a desire to work for RT influenced my decision to move to Austin 6 months ago, but rather than beg like a whiny kid I'd rather work my ass off and prove I'm someone who can be of value. I've already applied for and got approved to be a Guardian at RTX, but why wait ...
1 month ago  |  Conversation
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