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Oh sweet! You accepted the friend request, I guess the "taco" sold you on it.
(I know I ain't no special butterfly-but still, pretty sweet)
2 days ago  |  Conversation
Someone said you were fired from your job because max came in, is this true?
4 days ago  |  Conversation
Thank you for adding me whenever you did! I appreciated it greatly! :)
1 week ago  |  Conversation
GMour RIP MontyOum
Hey Jack. Congratulations on getting Let's Play Live to the real world. But I was thinking, what if you guys had a tour bus that you traveled to the events in and carried all the equipment necessary so you could host the event anywhere. I am guessing you guys are limited to where you can host a LPL event by what facilities have the proper equipment and such. I guess you could cut down on the guess work and have a more reliable tech setup this way. Just throwing the idea out there, hoping that you could do a LPL in a football stadium or something crazy like that.
Anyway, have fun at life.
1 week ago  |  Conversation
ThinkerBox Sponsor
Thanks for trying something completely new and bringing Let's Play Live to life. It was amazing. I know the ending didn't go exactly as you planned, but the guitar smash could not have gone better if it was scripted. Keep trying new things!
1 week ago  |  Conversation
I don't know if you ever read these, but I loved your Bad Horse reference in the latest things to do. A bit surprised to see a Dr. Horrible fan in AH.
1 week ago  |  Conversation
BostonPoke Zelda Ring
Happy Warm Fuzzies Day! We already gave you Wickline, so... can we have an O-line coach?

Go Pokes!!
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Thanks for adding me jack. Wish I could come to let's play live but I've got exam prep to do.
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Cornworld Sponsor
Hi Jack i was just thinking that mabye you guys can put let's play live on a dvd ?
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Amazing, but for a second I thought that Screwattack was joining Roosterteeth, as in becoming a part of it. I don't know how I would feel about that, actually.
3 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Mirco499 Sponsor
Hi Jack, just wanted to say that you are awesome. Hope you come to edinburgh at some point :)
3 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Your awesome Jack, and love the beard!
3 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Hi! Thanks for the add back :)
3 weeks ago  |  Conversation
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tales from the internet? www.stumbleupon.com/su/9aNuqW/C7yN0Y+j:U.vTo_yy/g...
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scottielynnb Sponsor
How does one send fan mail to AH?
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Calling @Steffie!
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TimBaker Sponsor
Just ordered my lets play live tickets. Any hotels you would recommend?
1 month ago  |  Conversation
All the hotels downtown will be fine. Find something to fit your budget.

If you wanna find something cheaper, go north, south, or west. ACL is in the heart of downtown, so you should be able to hop a bus to get there.

Check out the bus routes at capmetro.org.
#1  Posted 1 month ago
TimBaker Sponsor
Thank you very much sir.
#2  Posted 1 month ago
hello jack I am a really big fan and i had an idea of that you should create an hiest in minecraft with one team could be cops and the other could be the robbers
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Yeah. I think they need to change things up a bit. I think having heists could be a good thing or a bad thing.
#5  Posted 1 month ago
they should a first person hiest in gta 5 too
#6  Posted 1 month ago
Hello Jack,
Who or where is there a place where the community can submit lets play ideas? I would like to submit one about a Tomb Raider style lets play in Minecraft.
Thanks Jack and also you are an awesome person!
1 month ago  |  Conversation
I think this is the Forum Thread you're looking for: achievementhunter.com/forum/viewTopic.php?id=224334...
#1  Posted 1 month ago
Oh OK cool. I've been looking for things like this. Thank you!
#2  Posted 1 month ago
Anyone know what the Map Loco is for?
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Hey Jack,

CaptainSparklez posted a youtube video of a Minecraft Skateobard mod

how about a skateboard Minecraft Lets play?
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Gunnrunner95 Goon Swarm
Jack we need to get you out of WOW and into eve online
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Hey Jack im trying to sign up early for extra life 2015 is the RT team up yet and renamed because i dont see it?
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Hi Jack! I was wondering... If Let's Play Live is a success (which i'm sure it will be!!) do you see yourselves taking it elsewhere in the US or to other countries, like maybe a mini tour or something? That would be awesome :)
1 month ago  |  Conversation
FifthJack Sponsor
Some of the videos you make for Assasin's Creed 2 are not working.
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Shadow_Hound BotDestroyer
Happy Birthday!
1 month ago  |  Conversation
roses_23 Sponsor
Happy Birthday Jack!!
1 month ago  |  Conversation
DeltaSix Infamous 535
Happy birthday Jack!
1 month ago  |  Conversation
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