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jack Cast & Crew
Hey Jack, I was wondering how old do I have to be and what are the educational requirements to work at rooster teeth/achevement hunter?
2 days ago  |  Conversation
Alebobb Sponsor
Hi Jack. I just finished watching the Podcast number 292. As an Australian I have to say that dressing up as Steve Irwin while you're here for Halloween is an hilarious idea, you just have to make sure you say "Crikey" a lot and any other Australian phrases you like the sound of.
4 days ago  |  Conversation
Gufax25 BelBloy3573
Hey jack what is going with the extra life stuff i would love to try to get involved can you make a post or replay about it please
1 week ago  |  Conversation
WordsAreWind Steampowered
... wait, you're going back to college? I heard you mention your experience walking around the UT campus during the most recent podcast; now I'm curious.
1 week ago  |  Conversation
Hey Jack,
I heard about this new console on the market that I saw. It looks really cool; it even has touch screen integration and motion stuff etc. I heard it's really big in Japan and I think it will be well suited to many letsplays, and I think you should give it a try. I think it's made by a company called something like nimtedmo and is called the U-me? Anyway, it looks like fun, and let me know what you think about this cutting-edge technology.
1 week ago  |  Conversation
Jack, I think I found your counterpart in the form of Mike Lawrence who was on @Midnight recently. Love your stuff as always!
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
when are you going to make king jack gta5
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Krimzon Sponsor
When will we get more info about this years Extra Life stream?
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Scap3g0at Sponsor
Suggestion; Full Crew Full Play for Assassin's Creed Unity.
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation
StrangeWolf Chocozerker
Ever had a beard off?
3 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Hey Jack, just wanted to say Hello, and thanks for accepting my request. I was wondering what your Proudest Moment in creating AH with Geoff is?
3 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Hey Jack, you guys should try Space Engineers or Life is Feudal: YO. They are both great MP games (bear in mind they are in development). Life is Feudal was just released early a access on steam, so they are still adding a lot. I don't have it yet, by I certainly will get it when it develops further. As for Space Engineers, I own the game on steam and enjoy it very much. Even though it is in alpha, it is still quite fun. I would love to see you guys play these in the future. If you do play Space Engineers, I recommend setting the refinery, assembler, grinder, and welder speeds to max (because it can get tedious). Also, set inventory capacity higher than normal.
4 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Boccadifuoco Sponsor
Hey Jack, I know you are a fan of cool live music performances (Daft Punk). There's this band named 'Muse' that does really cool live performance stuff. It might be worth looking at if you like that stuff.


Thanks Jack!
4 weeks ago  |  Conversation
Hey, Mr. Jack? I'm a senior in high school and I'm thinking of doing a road trip for spring break. A food related road trip. You know what that means? Creuz. Or Cruez. Not sure about the name or where it is, but I want me some dead animals, and the way you guys talk about it make it seem like the best dead animal serving establishment there is. So can I get the deets on the place, or are you gonna be like "Look at this fool" and not leave me something. A url, an address, whatever. Thanks if you do, you're busy and I understand if you don't.
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Jack, You putting the Squid on the bed in the last Minecraft LP was hilarious!- Cheers from big fan!
1 month ago  |  Conversation
Hey Jack,
I'm currently a senior in high school and have recently succeeded in breaking my leg. Since then the only thing that has kept me entertained has been a combination of Rooster Teeth podcasts, AH Let's Plays, Things To Do, RvB, RWBY, well you get the idea. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your time and effort on everything you guys do. I'm going to be out of school for at least 16 days and knowing that in order to have a good laugh all I need to do is come here and watch or listen to something makes me very happy. I know this probably isn't the best way to get in contact with you or any of the others but it was the only thing I could think of. I know,...
1 month ago  |  Conversation
How do I grow a beard like yours? My moustache just won't connect to my beard and now I look like an Amish predatory gay.
1 month ago  |  Conversation
I have been a HUGE fan of rt for years I have watched every video that u guys have ever made. and I was wondering what kind of positions do u guys have in the career of rooster teeth right now and are there any needs that are mandatory for me to meet like ex. highschool diploma college degree of some sort?
1 month ago  |  Conversation
You're probably not going to see this, but you should do
GTA V Let's Play! - Emergency Landing. Get all the planes and try to land them without the landing gear, or try to stall them. Fans, if you like the idea, keep posting
1 month ago  |  Conversation
You get that taco I sent ya?
2 months ago  |  Conversation
Gargrantuan Rageaholic
In the most recent Minecraft Let's Play, Storm the Tower: Gents Attack, you wondered how the floor collapsed from below you and Ryan. I actually made a Community Hunter video of how its done. It is quite a devilish thing to do.

Things to do in... Minecraft-Falling Floors
2 months ago  |  Conversation
How early do you have to send in an AHWU for it to be reviewed?
2 months ago  |  Conversation
Jack your beard...its so fantastic.
2 months ago  |  Conversation
Jack I have a suggestion for a RWBY character. I'm thinking he would be someone looking cool like Michael's character but not exactly and for his personality he would get mad if bad things happen to him. his weapon would be the fire sword from the concept art of epic battle fantasy 4 (its a computer game on a site like armorgames.com or something) and the madder he gets the hotter the fire for the sword gets and the hotter the fire gets the colors change from red all way to white and when he unleashes all his anger there is a big explosion and it can either create a black hole or the flames die out for a brief time. please this took an hour to type because of your broken ass commen...
2 months ago  |  Conversation
I believe the proper person to Talk to about RWBY character ideas would be Monty or in the forums.
#2  Posted 2 months ago
He gets mad when bad things happen to him? I've never heard anyone react to bad things that way before.
#3  Posted 4 weeks ago
Please everyone watch the end of Rooster Teeth's Madden 09 Touchdown Acheivement. It has Jack+ Dancing. Winning!
2 months ago  |  Conversation
Jack review Guardians on the next podcast.and how much are you looking forward to Age of Ultron?
2 months ago  |  Conversation
bricksantos Friendly P
2 months ago  |  Conversation
Jack you should reboot the fruit ninja immersion, but instead of fruit use wet bread.
2 months ago  |  Conversation
Jack, we all know that you were a huge part in building Achievement Hunter into what it is today. Of course, while Roosterteeth would be huge just with RvB and maybe RWBY (and the Strangerhood), you helped form a really popular part of the company, which has attracted other employees to join you guys. The one constant in all this has been the growth of your beard. If you ever shave your beard, it could mean the death of Roosterteeth, Jack. We all admire the responsibility you handle daily.
2 months ago  |  Conversation
Jaybles522 Sponsorita
Congrats on 6 years man. I watch everything you guys put out and have become such a fan over the last few years. So thank you guys for all the stuff you do!
GOOOOOOOO Achievement Hunter!
2 months ago  |  Conversation
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