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How does one put pictures in their comments?
1 year ago  |  Conversation
Allow me to direct you to the ever helpful First Stop forum
This post breaks it all down pretty well. Comments and forum posts function the same so what he explains pertains to most any kind of "posting" you can do around here.
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1Threshold1 Z fighter
Thanks for the add sir! Always a pleasure
1 year ago  |  Conversation
The pleasure is mine, my friend!
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So, it looks like you got tatted up since I last saw you. We should hang out sometime.
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Indeed I did, sir. I think I may be a junkie...of ink. But yes, I certainly agree that we should!
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Sephiroth0 Sponsor
Hi there. I'd like to personally welcome you into the RoosterTeeth-Xbox Live Community group. Please remember to put the group on watch so you can receive updates about upcoming community game nights.
3 years ago  |  Conversation
Already on watch :) Thanks for the friendly hello!
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Sephiroth0 Sponsor
Your welcome. Hope to game with you sometime.
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Relient k are possible the best band ever.

they're sick.

great choice.
8 years ago  |  Conversation
Where's your Who, and Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix? All of those bands with better players?
8 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Ditto
lol... Nice choice in music, Bobby :P
I'm actually listening to Relient K right now.
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