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Fragger Cast & Crew
This is why I love the community. So many loving and understanding fans is what makes this website a family-almost. You will always have the love and support of us. We're always here for you.
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zogman1 Aragami CPU
Hopefully this will brighten your day: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAIGb1lfpBw&featu...
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hey so it says you are cast and crew. Congrats? What do you do for RT?
2 months ago  |  Conversation
anshuman Sponsor
He has been here for a while
#1  Posted 2 months ago
Yeah I noticed, but he has only recently been added to cast and crew (to my knowledge) so I was wondering
#2  Posted 2 months ago
snow_kick something
u still floating around here somewhere?
3 months ago  |  Conversation
Be in more videos please! You have a cool sense of humor :DD
1 year ago  |  Conversation
Awesome profile pic
1 year ago  |  Conversation
Jake487 EdibleAuto
Today's VS video is the wrong one on the front page! Thought you should know.
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maxbarnyard GLiG
Hey, Fragger! I wanted to let you know that your Retro Active videos were a huge inspiration for me, I loved the way you made them and I count them as a source of inspiration for the video (hopefully soon to be "videos") that I made. I've really loved watching your series, thanks for sharing it!

I just finished it tonight, and I'm hoping that you might take a look at it, since your videos made such an impression on me when I was deciding to make videos of my own: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBnVybKA6vE

Either way, thanks for making such a great series.
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DomBailey Loma Loma
Hey, I just made a group for people who want to share any of their dreams with the community. If you've had an amazing adventure in your sleep lately it's called The Dream Journal, join if you're interested :)
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Hope this helps -

Forza Motorsport 2:
All Cars from Sweden 2G or
All Cars from Spain 1G and All Cars from Korea 1G

The Orange Box:
Two Points 2G

Football Manager 2006:
Win A Match 2G

Cloning Clyde:
Battle Addict 12G

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
Welcome to the Caribbean! 12G
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I am interested in providing Monty and the rest of Team RWBY, with ideas and was wondering if you could recommend me. I am putting one of my earlier ideas below. Tell me if it is any good.
This is the updated version
A guy named Lan Jingshen, he uses a pair of long nun chucks with guns at the ends, the nun chucks can connect into a staff, and when connected the guns gain more fire power and can fire in the directions the tips are pointing at. Also it can become a bow if he bends the chains at the right angles. However, his true forte is hand to hand combat. He has high mastery of Aura (Meditates daily to train his Aura), his semblance is manipulation of pure energy, and when using his full strength, blue lines cover his entire body and he gains enhanced abilities. He has messy black hair with azure highlights, wears a pair of glasses that change into a mask when he begins combat, has a blue and black trench coat along with a pair of black pants with two blue steaks running down the sides, and when fighting takes off the coat in this case he wears a blue and black tank top, Also wears black gloves. Height wise he would be a bit taller than Yang. Body is covered with scars of various shapes and sizes due to his frequent fights with High level Grimm. Large tattoo on his back (I’ll send you a rough sketch of it if you like the character). His combat style is formless, and draws from a myriad of martial arts styles. He also has a pet Golden Retriever, the golden retriever enjoys stealing other people’s laundry, and always tries to kiss up to people.
I would also like to put in his personality in case it is (and some back story too). A calm cool guy, who's always the peacemaker, and is very devoted to whatever he sets his mind to, he would also be very learned, polite, and versatile ( able to use most weapons if necessary) Doesn't speak very loudly, and is sometimes ignored. Very good at making friends and is rather social, in a detached way ( but although t...
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IdkBlue Praise Newbs
1 year ago  |  Conversation
Leioll FlmePlcrAU
Thanks for doing what you're doing. You're awesome and keep up the amazing work~
1 year ago  |  Conversation
sparks222 Sponsor
Thanks for accepting my friend request.
1 year ago  |  Conversation
I was so hyped that you did the Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver. Hopefully if the game does get a reboot, would you want Raziel to look like my profile pic?
1 year ago  |  Conversation
So yeah, I want to apologize for the "momentary rage" that I felt towards RT from not being able to watch the "Live Feeds" of RTX on UTube. Being that I am stuck in Ky and unable to attend due to my work schedule and as I tried to watch it, it said "We are exp. tech. diff. at this time". And, for a moment I wanted to rage on the comments sections about my slight inconvenience in said matter. Then I realized, In the middle of my drunken stupor, that I was over 19 hours late for the Live Stream. So whether or not that it matters, I'll apologize to you and every one for every stupid comment on here or YouTube that may have resulted from "stupid people being stupid". Sincerely AssaultPickle77
2 years ago  |  Conversation
mracheivable Sponsor
Hey so timesplitters hd remake would you buy?
2 years ago  |  Conversation
Thank for letting me play Doom 2 with you, it was a lot of fun. (:
2 years ago  |  Conversation
Any games you want to see or are looking forward to at E3?
2 years ago  |  Conversation
had to reupload it to fix a few over looked things
2 years ago  |  Conversation
what is this?
I made a new video, watch it now and beat the rush at
2 years ago  |  Conversation
hey, we're both from connecticut!
2 years ago  |  Conversation
Hey Fragger, when is the newest Retro Active coming. I have been so anxious hear you talk about soul reaver. You reminded me how much I love the Legacy of Kain series so I am going through youtube videos to get through the story again (because who has time to actually play games)
2 years ago  |  Conversation
Any chance we'll see any of the Marathon trilogy on Retro-Active? I'd like to see what you think of the series.
2 years ago  |  Conversation
Oh and MDK, loved that game when I was younger.
#1  Posted 2 years ago
conrad500 Engaged
It may seem weird, but many people haven't played the original Half-Life games. A retro-active on Half-Life 1, blue shift, etc. would be nice. You can also mention black mesa, but I guess you don't have to do a retro active since Black Mesa is a remake...

I'd love to see HL1 come to consoles somehow though. It was such a remarkable game and gave us such gems as counter strike and all the bajillion other mods (much like unreal and quake)
2 years ago  |  Conversation
I've played half-life 1, I still own it too!
#1  Posted 2 years ago
Catindor Meh
Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
2 years ago  |  Conversation
009JK Sponsor
So, you're the voice of Adam in RWBY; right?
2 years ago  |  Conversation
Spill it, you played the dude in the "Black" trailer, didn't you?
2 years ago  |  Conversation
i liked the new retro active good job man : )
2 years ago  |  Conversation
Snuggs Nerdybird
you Fragger!
2 years ago  |  Conversation
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