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caveman1509 RTCSProducer

If I had to pick the person on RT who deserves a lot more in life than what is given to them so far, it is, easily, you! You are talented, witty, and a great friend to Let’s Play with, so I really hope this sappy warm fuzzy can help lift your spirits to keep striving for greater things! Also, I hope you can make it to RTX this year so we can gallivant around again. :D

Have a great valentine’s day and year overall!


/sap over
2 weeks ago  |  Conversation

I look forward to gallivanting around with you!
#1  Posted 2 weeks ago
Cassner I am Senpai
ope you had an awesome RTX
1 year ago  |  Conversation
I did. Hope you did as well.
#1  Posted 1 year ago
caveman1509 RTCSProducer
Funny Let's Plays! You play games like I do. Your whole bit about having to adjust the brightness levels for bioshock and other games cracked me up. :p

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Nevada Check it out
Your Ray shoops are better than mine
2 years ago  |  Conversation
you are too kind
#1  Posted 2 years ago
Hey, getting back to your comment on the RVBTO journal late because I'm an asshole, but here it is: Yeah, don't worry about not having gotten a chance to talk to me more. It's all good. We'll have another chance next year! Provided we both go that is. I'm actually thinking of volunteering so we'll see. I'll still prowl around the event to find people I know. And if we end up at the Ram and Rye, IRISH NACHOS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!! SPREAD THE NACHOS!!!!!
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Dude, you NEED to bring the dubstep cat getup to RVBTO!
2 years ago  |  Conversation
way ahead of you.
#1  Posted 2 years ago
RVBTO just got SO much better
#2  Posted 2 years ago
That was the most fantabulous dubstep cat costume I've ever seen sir, ten internets to you.
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caleb Cast & Crew
2 years ago  |  Conversation
Haha, that's an impressive memory. You going this year?
#2  Posted 2 years ago
Oh yes. haha
#3  Posted 2 years ago
SailorTweek Forum Mod
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Ditto
Turn HD off, worked for me
3 years ago  |  Conversation
yeah i tried that but it didn't work. I finally just signed out and watched it that way. thanks though.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Marduk RTX 2014
I have your stuff, if you want it come to Boston. No cops. Seriously, I don't see any, I'm probably going to get mugged.
3 years ago  |  Conversation
Barbara Cast & Crew
That sucks dude :( Will you be going to any other events this year?
3 years ago  |  Conversation
Your comment was great but I deleted it cause you broke the page

3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Cool
john DP_Cam Op_AC

3 years ago  |  Conversation
Knives_Kill Sponsor
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
4 years ago  |  Conversation
Hey mate, I'd love a Jacob Wilson pin, seeing as I am, in fact, Jacob Wilson. If you'd care to find me at PAX East, I would love to get one, if only for posterity's sake.
4 years ago  |  Conversation
In reply to your comment on Matt's journal:
Thankyou kindly
4 years ago  |  Conversation
Marduk RTX 2014
I noticed your kickass trickery on Fails of the Weak. Good work. Forgot to mention it earlier.
4 years ago  |  Conversation
Somehow while I was away from my computer for a week, my email was phished/hacked/etc and sent out spam. Sorry about that.
4 years ago  |  Conversation
It was good! I spent a lot of good time with my family :]
How was yours?
4 years ago  |  Conversation
That's the coolest way to tell friends stuff.

4 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Ditto

You happen to be an amazing person, and I felt the need to tell you, because I wanted to make sure you knew. :D
4 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Cool
I wish I could more than +1 ditto on your comment on Jack's Journal, Crossfire's work is easily the best.
4 years ago  |  Conversation
note to self* dont eat while making a vid.

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The Handsome Men's Club has unanimously processed your application. Effective immediately, you are hereby ordered to sign up for the Club, upload our Avatar as your Profile Pic, and change your Title to HANDSOME for two weeks (longer, if preferred).

...upon completion of these tasks, you will receive your starter Babe Kit for your own personalized Babe Box: HMC Mirror, HMC Martini Glass, Special Edition HMC Old Spice aftershave.

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jack Cast & Crew
That's cool man, thanks for the heads up.
4 years ago  |  Conversation

and yes, you NEED to finish Atlas Shrugged! One of the best books I've ever read!
4 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Cool
I was browsing through my mod history, and I saw your mod on one of my posts from a few days ago.

.....I then realized "Holy s!@#, that guy was in the PSA I just watched today!!!!"

I've been commented on by a celebrity. Congrats!

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Lolzertron Sponsor
I'm getting a shirt with your Display Picture on with the caption "He's so manly...He's protecting his pussy." :D

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whatsername Sponsor
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