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Danjitsu Booty
I heard you like sports.

I too enjoy sports.
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Now after watching a lame video of the Miss America Pageant women do the same thing...I can say...Over both...praying that no other women's team/group/organization ever does this again...the first time I saw each video, it was listed as a "Cover", but neither group attempted to sing the...
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Danjitsu Booty
Hey Jack!

I remember you saying that you were a fan of Childish Gambino - Well he's coming back to Austin for a concert on April 5, 2012 at Stubbs Waller Creek Amphitheatre.

Just thought you should know!
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Danjitsu Booty
Hey I was wondering whether or not you've heard about the new X-Men movie, and the fact that Matthew Vaughn is going to be directing? He did so well with Kick-Ass, but it's another X-Men movie. Thoughts?
X-Men: First Class
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