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It's now 5 posts every minute :P
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Got a riddle for you:

I have had a thousand men inside me, but I am still a virgin.
I have traveled around the world, but never been through customs.
I have visited places crawling with thieves, murderers, and rapists, but never feared for my life.
What am I?

Don't bother checking Google. I made this one myself.
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Got the idea for the first clue from a book called Yellow Eyes. Great story. An old ship is refurbished to defend Panama during an alien invasion and has an insane AI installed in it. The AI taps into the old memories of the ship and literally becomes it. It's actually available for free from t...
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Ok thanks. Hopefully cortana doesn't become master chief as she is always in his head. That will be..freaky 0.0
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Oh yeah and Merry Christmas! :D
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Lol you're almost the most modded user again! XD
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hello there!
I come in peace :)
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