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TEi Steampunk
TEi Steampunk
Oh awesome! What are we looking at so far as cost is concerned, and how would you like me to pay you?
4 years ago
TEi Steampunk
This year has definitely been a shit-eater for us. It's what happens when most of the team is in their mid-to-late thirties; as much as I love A-Rod, Jeter and Posada, they're just not as athletic as they were when they were spry youths. Granted, they weren't the only problems with the team in the ALCS (I'm really disappointed in Swisher and Teixeira's performances), but they were still notable factors.

And yeah, I'm tired of the anti-Yankees bullshit too, but it's up to us to act sportsmanlike about it. :)
4 years ago