ONI_Spartan's Groups
Community Streamers Community Streamers A Place For People To Share Their Stream Information
Irish RT Community Irish RT Community An RT fan group for the Irish community
Free Edgar Free Edgar Let free our leathery friend, Mad King Haywood!
RT Illinois RT Illinois This group is for all of the Rooster Teeth fans who live in, used to live in, are moving to, or just like Illinois.
Elder Scrolls Online Drunk Tanks Elder Scrolls Online Drunk Tanks ESO guild for the RT folks!
Guild Wars 2 Drunk Tanks Guild Wars 2 Drunk Tanks Official center for our community guild in Guild Wars 2, The Drunk Tanks [RTDT].
Mikecast Mikecast For THE PEOPLE that enjoy the Mikecast to come together in one big clusterfuck.
Gavin or Google? Gavin or Google? Gavin or Google questions, answers, and current standings!
The Cult of Ray The Cult of Ray A group to show the appreciation of Ray Narvaez Jr.
minecraft group minecraft group A community for the popular game of Minecraft
Planetside 2 Outfit Planetside 2 Outfit This is the place for anyone interested in joining an RT Outfit in Planetside 2
RWBY RWBY Fans of the upcoming Rooster Teeth Show headed by Monty Oum
Pajamarama! Pajamarama! We have slumber parties and watch movies!
chronicles of gavins dumb chronicles of gavins dumb where we talk about some of the funny things and dumb things that gavin says btw this would be a great show
Country of Offline Country of Offline The VERIFIED Stream named after the great country by THE PEOPLE
Emily Hagins Emily Hagins Emily is a brand new member of the Rooster Teeth family!
Gangnam Style! Gangnam Style! For fans of the song.
Get Geoff back on the podcast!! Get Geoff back on the podcast!! Geoff hasn't been on the podcast in months!! Join if you want him back on!
Benevolent Bro Burnie Benevolent Bro Burnie Fans of the meme of the one and only, BURNIE BURNS.
Niveous is Awesome! Niveous is Awesome! She's just plain awesome
Internet Box Polls Internet Box Polls We solve dilemmas Ev-er-y-day (week)!
Hatchling Adoptables Hatchling Adoptables Adopt an egg and see what comes out
Bring Back Toonami Bring Back Toonami Want to bring back Toonami? Now's your chance.
The Quest To Find Common Sense For Gavin The Quest To Find Common Sense For Gavin There is no need for a description for this group.
Pokemon Pokemon For those of you not afraid to admit that you still play the games all these years later.
Motivation Posters are funny Motivation Posters are funny Random pic's
Squidbrains is Awesome Squidbrains is Awesome Squidbrains is Awesome just cause she makes awesome 8-bit art. End of story!
Firefly Firefly Do you like Firefly? Of course you do, it's the best show in the verse, join us, and show everyone just how awsome it is!
Team Joel Team Joel Fuck Edward and Jacob, I'm on team Joel!
Internet Box Swear Counter Internet Box Swear Counter Internet Box Swear Counter
Marauder Shields Marauder Shields His name was Marauder Shields, and he died as hero trying to stop you from the ending of Mass Effect 3
Joel Heyman For President Joel Heyman For President Let us elect Joel as Commander in Chief in 2012!
We love DazzleShine! We love DazzleShine! For those who love the little enthusiastic lady!
Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Your favorite Rooster Teeth podcast moments brought to life!
Rooster Teeth XBL Community Rooster Teeth XBL Community Fun Social Experience for one and all...within the RT community of course
Freelancer Organization Freelancer Organization The Few. The Powerful. The Freelancers.
The "I Would Totally F**k Joel" Group The "I Would Totally F**k Joel" Group We know you're a fan, but the question is: would you hit it?
Zombies Zombies Mrghraggh
gears of war 3 appreciators gears of war 3 appreciators we love gears
The Church of Church The Church of Church The Place for Believers
Stargate Stargate Incoming Wormhole
Disturbed Disturbed RVB fans who love this Band and the songs they do
rap haters rap haters this group is for all that hate or at least strongly dislike rap music
Machinimas and Animations Machinimas and Animations All about machinimas you've made, seen, and helping people make machinimas
Internet Box Internet Box The official Internet Box podcast group!
IB FAN FAVOURITE IB FAN FAVOURITE This is where you vote for who made the current episode worth listening to
Stating The Facts Podcast Stating The Facts Podcast The official group for the STF Podcast!
The New Toonami The New Toonami Back on the air as of May 26th, 2012.
The Internet Box The Internet Box CHAT: Come Here and Talk
Freelancer: Agents M.O.C. Freelancer: Agents M.O.C. This group is about short stories about Freelancer Agents Montana, Ohio, and California