Preston's Groups
Custom Creations Custom Creations The group for the Community Hunter series Custard Crayon Shins
RT:DFW RT:DFW A group for people who want to meet-up and plan events around the Dallas/Fort Worth area
Community Hunters Podcast Community Hunters Podcast Official group of the CH Podcast!
Fit for RTX Fit for RTX Cheer on the RT Staff as we attempt to be healthy!
The Pun Appreciation Society The Pun Appreciation Society A place where puns are very welcome.
Community Hunters Community Hunters Achievement Hunter Community Videos Group
Internet Box Internet Box The official Internet Box podcast group!
Rooster Speak Austin Rooster Speak Austin The official group for the Rooster Speak hosted RTX events.
RTX For Everyone! RTX For Everyone! RTX Community Fundraiser
Rooster Teeth Athletic Club Rooster Teeth Athletic Club Don't just stand there on the wall, everybody just move ya' body
DoodleBob Appreciation Society DoodleBob Appreciation Society NEYOY HOY MENYOY YOY
Mark Nutt Mark Nutt A group dedicated to the public awareness and appreciation of Mark Nutt.
RWBY RWBY Fans of the upcoming Rooster Teeth Show headed by Monty Oum
RTXO RTXO We don't talk about it.
Pajamarama! Pajamarama! We have slumber parties and watch movies!
The Rooster Teeth Community The Rooster Teeth Community By the community, for the community!
Super Wicked Awesome Game Time Super Wicked Awesome Game Time Planet Unplugged's Official Game Night.
Michael has bling up his Michael has bling up his
Cards Against Humanity Cards Against Humanity We share experiences and also provide custom cards for use!
RvB:TX RvB:TX A Texas Network for RT fans Dedicated to Meet-ups and Social Gatherings.
Red Team Red Team The first Red Team group.
Musicians of Roosterteeth Musicians of Roosterteeth Everyone likes music. If you are capable of making it, everyone will like you. Simple.
RvB North Texas RvB North Texas Because the Austin RvB is, "really fuckin' exclusive."
Texas Texas Born, Raised, or Residing in Texas!
Status Kill Status Kill Status Kill: The world's first social network action hero!
hobbie hobbie hobbie
Where's Caboose? Where's Caboose? Where in the world can he be?
The Fabulous Straight Men Club The Fabulous Straight Men Club A Pretty, Fabulous and Straight Boy Band
a cult a cult What can I say, it's a cult
Grifball! Grifball! For people addicted to smashing Grif with a hammer over and over again.
G-Funks Drunks G-Funks Drunks A collective of knobs who like cheap beer, punk rock, and have hairy chicken legs.
Doctor Who Doctor Who For fans of this awesome series. And other Whoniverse stuff; like Torchwood.
Achievement Huggers Achievement Huggers No body does it like Achievement Huggers
Rooster Speak Rooster Speak The group for the TeamSpeak server, Rooster Speak.
Jessica Nigri Fan Page! Jessica Nigri Fan Page! For fans of the hottest cosplayer in the world!
Achievement Hunter TV Achievement Hunter TV AHTV: Play-dates and fun with your achievement-hunting 'friends'!
Rooster Teeth XBL Community Rooster Teeth XBL Community Fun Social Experience for one and all...within the RT community of course
Plot Twist Plot Twist Community Hunter Show
Community One on One Community One on One The official group for the RT Community One on One show
Game Grumps Game Grumps JonTron, Egoraptor, Danny, and RubberRoss play Video Games while generally grumping about.
RTX B&A RTX B&A Things to do before and after RTX.
PlanetUnplugged PlanetUnplugged A group of gamers that make videos on the interwebs for you guys!
Screen Gems Screen Gems Movie News, Reviews and MORE!!!
Movie Watchers Movie Watchers A place to watch movies with the RT Community!
Ruffles the Goat Fan page Ruffles the Goat Fan page Ruffles is an imaginary goat. He is shiny, very soft and nice.
Cut-Rate Cooking Cut-Rate Cooking For those of us who want to learn how to cook for ourselves on a shoestring budget.
redvsblue redvsblue the people here are people who enjoy redvsblue. THIS IS....the official redvsblue fanclub.
Achievement Hunters Achievement Hunters Official group of the Achievement Hunter community.