Chris's Groups
Super hire Chris Super hire Chris Chris shouldn't be fired in fact he needs to be hired and have super powers
Who's been Scheree'd Group Who's been Scheree'd Group Wanna be Scheree'd or have you been? Then this group is for you!
The "I Would Totally F**k Chris" Group The "I Would Totally F**k Chris" Group Chris is sexy from his head to his gorgeous knees.
random gaming news random gaming news assorted gaming news
Don't Fire Chris Don't Fire Chris Why would you fire Chris he's awesome
Rooster Teeth Rocks Rooster Teeth Rocks The RTR is just to show your love to rooster teeth and discuss new news.
We love DazzleShine! We love DazzleShine! For those who love the little enthusiastic lady!
The Shire The Shire The hills in which the Brandybucks, Baggins, Tooks, and other Hobbits can dwell in peace.
Internet Box Internet Box The official Internet Box podcast group!
RTX 2013 Attendees. RTX 2013 Attendees. RTX '13
Rooster Sheep Rooster Sheep Previously know as RvB NZ
E.R.E.C.T E.R.E.C.T The Eradication of Repulsive Evil and Corruption Team
8-Bit Roosterteeth 8-Bit Roosterteeth A single player adventure Rooster Teeth game developed by fans
Emily Hagins Emily Hagins Emily is a brand new member of the Rooster Teeth family!
Joel makes the best videos Joel makes the best videos for people who like the videos joel makes
Joel as Adolf Hitler Joel as Adolf Hitler The guy who plays he best Hitler evar.
All hail chris All hail chris May his reign be long, and his legacy longer!
giantpants comics giantpants comics free laughs
I want to know... WHO'S DOGS ARE HAVING SEX?! I want to know... WHO'S DOGS ARE HAVING SEX?! We must find out!
The Rooster Teeth Community The Rooster Teeth Community By the community, for the community!
I'm going to RTX! I'm going to RTX! Let's get acquainted
I would totally f*@% kerry group I would totally f*@% kerry group But then I would be a pedophile
The Wingmen The Wingmen A group for the fans of the Internet series The Wingmen
What's Going On in the RT Community What's Going On in the RT Community Events or media in and around RT.
Kerry Rocks Kerry Rocks ben isn't just the cool young staff member
Rooster Teeth Podcast Rooster Teeth Podcast The official group for Rooster Teeth Podcast
Gryffindor Common Room Gryffindor Common Room Harry Potter Fan Group
The Futurama Group The Futurama Group Hell, it's all things Futurama, need I say more?
Pokemon RP Pokemon RP A rp for people who want to be pokemon trainers
redvsblue redvsblue the people here are people who enjoy redvsblue. THIS IS....the official redvsblue fanclub.