Dylan6's Groups
RvB Trivia Game RvB Trivia Game To celebrate Red vs Blue and all its awesomeness, we are having Trivia games on Monday, 1 hr and 30 minutes before the new ep airs!
mogar mogar The unstopable
Edgar the Cow Edgar the Cow A group for people who love Edgar
TFT Hangout Corner TFT Hangout Corner The hangout place for the Forum Thread Group. We've relocated to here from the 20+ forums.
RWBY RWBY Fans of the upcoming Rooster Teeth Show headed by Monty Oum
RT After Dark RT After Dark A group for everyone to talk, conduct events, and playtime with members
Immersion Fan Submissions Immersion Fan Submissions User submitted ideas for Rooster Teeth Immersion
Canadians Canadians The Eh Team
Rooster Teeth Comics Rooster Teeth Comics The Official Group for RT Comics
zombie experts zombie experts The Best Zombie Killers Group
Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Your favorite Rooster Teeth podcast moments brought to life!
Ghost Ryan Club Ghost Ryan Club The Ghost Ryan Club
The Ryan's Cow Fan Club The Ryan's Cow Fan Club A Dedication to Ryan's roomate
The survivors The survivors When the world withers and dies, I WILL still survive...
Boobs Boobs b00bies!!!!
Metallica Fandom Metallica Fandom If you're a Metallica freak, this is the group for you!