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Friends218 Friends
First snow of the season blew up in my face.
Thank you Kassandra. That knocks my socks off. Everyone go acknowledge the talent that is /kassandraar.
I'm a pirate
A pair of cheap ray-bans, bandanas and a mullet that slid around to my chin.
If you get old enough, your clothes become cool again.
Yep, still winter.
Fiery red Ninja Monkey Rock and Roll pajama party
This ranks right up there with the Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) scare.
Habari Gani! Joyous Kwanzaa!!!
Vision of the future: someday in the retirement home.
Ol' Man Sloe in his rocker
You can only wish you had as much ... shall we call it "style" ... as I had in the late 80's.
Difference One Year Makes July 9, 2012 - 2013
No that's not actually a flag shirt. It's a Woot shirt with the full text of the Declaration of Independence, simply written in carefully colorful text for that illusion.
Celebrating our nation's independence by visiting a recreation of a community from the people we wiped out. Am I doing it right?
Well that worked out OK.
Standing under a canopy of giant bats in Sydney, Australia
My first real attempt to grow out 'All The Hair' ... with mixed results.
It ain't fancy literature, but when I was 8 I read every book with this character in it I could find.
No matter what else changes over time, there's one thing you can always say about Doc Savage... man is hard on his dry cleaning.
Best opening title music ever. Love Kolchak.
Greatest Ed Harris movie ever made.
Joel touches my Awesome Button
To the privileges of youth!
Use the force, Luke!
Don't ask questions. No good will come of it.
One of the saddest and most beautiful movies. Away from her.
OG Red vs Blue
He got me! Arghhhhh-h-hh-h-hh
Wanna talk about funny hairstyles.
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