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Pixie Less Than 3
Sebastien Loeb & Daniel Elena heading towards the 2007 WRC title, Wales Rally GB.
Coffee Bean, testing out my new (and extremely budget) macro "studio".
The New (and deserving) World Champion. KIMIKIMIKIMI!
Rumours were rampant on the morning of the Belgian GP, but no one was sure of the truth. We all hoped it wasn't real. Sadly, it was. You will be missed, Colin McRae.
Andrew Jordan at a very wet Lydden Hill MSA British Rallycross round. Boy was I glad of those waterproof trousers! (Warpedshark, this is for you. ;) )
We all knew Lewis was going to win this season, so I instead celebrate Alex's 3rd. Not taking anything from Lewis, of course, he's fantabulous.
So true. ;)
Stolen from the internet, I just needed something for the start of the season.
My dubious attempts at capturing the eclipse.
I can't wait to see this in action (hopefully Rally Ireland). *drool*
Mispronounce the common name of this plant for what I am! ;)
Butterfly in the garden.
Cristopher Columbus: "America is that way. Somewhere. I think."
Looking into Scotland from the English side of the border.
Flower by the park, photo by me.
The cat is back
My lightbulb makes pretty patterns.
Photo by me. Steelwork by the French. ;)
Hollytrees in Colchester (that's the name of the building before you all point out that isn't holly or a tree)
England looks all quaint from an airplane.
Dr. Tran!
This is my grandad (long since passed) when he used to race bicycles.
Oystermouth Castle Chapel window. I took this myself, instead of just stealing someone elses work. :P