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Okay. This rocks. He makes me actually look attractive. Thanks Luke!
Who knew that buying more would raise the price?
Look ma, I'm on TV!
Future husband, take note--this is our wedding venue.
I can't even believe I went to this place.
The rest of my life can't compare to this night...
Is...is this real life?
Seamus Dever, let me love you down. Seriously, what a classy guy.
A truly gracious, stunning, beautiful woman is Stana Katic.
"The rest of my life can't compare to this night..."
Yep. This is pretty much what happened.
Yeah, baby. It's even better in GIF.
Best night of my life. Seriously, the only thing that could top this is if I marry one of them.
California treated me well.
See first comment for details. http://www.catales.org/
Bursting with energy and kindness.
Don't worry--Beckett is on the scene.
What is your problem with my balls?
All right. Who pulls off Herve Leger better? Kate Beckett or Robin Scherbatsky?
So I was studying for my Interpersonal Comm exam this afternoon...
Gimme nao.
The girl on the left is named Michelle Carter. I found her on a Facebook search. Doesn't her dress look familiar? Hmm...
"This is the way I need to wake..." This beats however the hell you wake up in the morning. http://citationneededcomic.blogspot.com/
OKAY ABYSS_GK. Avatar trend? :D
This is being hung on my door.
You know how it takes something truly spectacular for me to change my avatar? Here you have it, folks. Kate Beckett and I pulling the ears of Richard Castle. Isn't she appropriately smug? Thanks a million to Luke. <3
I am so annoying Fienne right now...
Say it ain't so?
This is my baby and my everything. <3
I didn't get a pic with her since there were like a hundred people who wanted pics and she had to get back to work, but Candice did! So happy for her. :D
Yes. I got THAT close to Mariska Hargitay.
"She's not naked, she's holding a gun...strategically." Comes out Sept 29. http://bit.ly/castlebook
So kaidofkings made this amazing art for me about four months ago but I didn't see it because of my stupid hiatus. >_< But it's gorgeous, ne?
<3 (Thanks RocketWhore)
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