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My respect, honor, and love goes to the country and all that it stands for, not the government that claims to be working in our best intrests.
Happy Winter-een-mas everyone!
Thanks for the image rane0!
My attempt at getting a mointain dew flavored ice cube. I removed the top with a can opener and a dinner knife.
In order from left to right: Alto, Tenor, Bari... They look a bit like the "Cingular, Raising the Bar" thing.
Direct from your very own DS thread
If this is too small to read, tell me and i'll find a way to make it larger
He's so freaking creepy...*shudders*
Thank you Deitrich33
From "Joe Loves Crappy Movies," i think it holds true.
See first post
Thankyou exniner
Thank you surutar
From 'Comedity'
2P Start
I just made this, i was feeling patriotic
Thank you to whoever i got this from
Kinda cool, i found it on some comics site
from 'Geist Panik'
Thats just freaking awesome
My dad sent me this one
Thank you crashdummy
Zero Punctuation reviewed "Ninja Gaiden II" With "espionage and gorilla warfare"
I stole this from robot_dwarf
My cat decided to fall asleep on the Risk board mid-game.
I'm waiting for the lightning bolt to strike me for posting this.
My friend made it for me, i do hip thrusts a lot, just for fun
THIS! IS! XSPORE!!!! (from a competition on a spore fansite)
Some fan art for the upcoming StarCraft 2
No caption needed
I think this one has already been here before, but its a freaking awesome picture.
Its what they do when you're not playing