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RTX - 2013
RTX - 2012
Austin Outdoors
RvBestCoast 2012
~ Holidays ~
LaDIEs Nights
RvB-CA and ComicCon 2011
RvB-OR 2011
October 2013 ~ Ladies Night ~ we built a monument to Grif-toberfest (the 'hard way', no creative mode). Approx 2,600 blocks mined, chopped, harvested, dyed, stacked, etc!
We so look like we are ready to stir up some trouble! ;)
10 Ladies ..and an armadillo. A Texas tale of intrigue, chaos and seduction ..as told by a drunken armadillo.
<3 <3 <3 Deadly Dames ;)
Tonight's G-Hangout brought to you by... BatDame (na na na na na na na na moonshine!)
pic of me 7/4/2013 ..I don't dislike it =) (courtesy of @DarkBowler ..who's name is spelled Connor not Conner. I failed)
I feel like I missed the memo to wear black! (RTC group Admins at RTX2013: Mary, Dopp, Dame & Caleb)
rockin' my new ducky pajamas =)
spending Christmas Eve with the lemurs! (2012)
That's right gentlemen ..I am single ;)
coming back in 2013. be ready.
G-Hangout starring Monica as bearded-pirate-lady, Erkan as Dr. Seuss, Visc as love-struck, Dame as secret-agent-mustache (that you cant see), RvB as VodkaJeff and Dopp as "what the f*** did I drop in to?!"
Ladies Night crew at RTX-2012! (Kitn42 and ytrahne missed this dinner but were there in spirit!)
Mission Control room celebrating touch-down of the rover "Curiosity" on planet Mars! August 5, 2012
Similar celebration for the successful lunar landing of the Apollo 11 in July 1969
A gift from Nester82! I love this shirt
(RvBestCoast 2012) Terrorizing the Monterey Aquarium with Caleb, Pana and Warpek (behind the camera)
(RvBestCoast 2012) Monterey Aquarium
(RvBestCoast 2012) Me and 'Shell on board the whale-watching boat
(RvBestCoast 2012) Whale-watching excursion off Monterey, California
(RvBestCoast 2012) The Ocean ..we're ON it! Feels so gooood (well until the whole getting massively sea-sick happened ..blargh)
(RvBestCoast 2012) I dont care if it's blurry, i <3 this pic! Pana, Me and Warpek in San Fran
(RvBestCoast 2012) above the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco with Jeff and Zach
(RvBestCoast 2012) Alcatraz here we come! with Panacamanana, RvBsniper and Warpek
Alcatraz! with RvBsniper, Dame, Warpek & Pana. (Youre right Nester, i DO kinda look like Carmen SanDiego!)
Cant argue with the wisdom of a t-shirt!
Its not ME ~ Its YOU
-=v=- BatDame -=v=-
My nieces and nephew in California
My niece Lily. 4-years old and already a natural at gaming + she LOVES power-rangers & Avengers (her fave is "the Hunk" as she calls him)!
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