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Special thanks to Visceral for making an epic picture
And to think all I wanted was a picture of the box art!
So funny and thoughtful
Inside left panel :-)
Sitting under my mouse!
I done caught 2 fish at once.....hey Pa get der Camera!
I was going swimming in the coldest water ever and the dog wanted to come!
Mr. Pinchy vs. Ms. Snappy
Sarah and I coming back from the beach and the dog waiting for us
I got to drive the fishing boat back to the marina
The seafood stew I cooked to pay my way!
My fancy grocery shopping hat.
Greatest town name ever.....of all time!
I'm working on getting my hair back to this length.
Trevor in all his glory!
Another shot of the final table, not too shabby! Only 2 hours of work and her birthday dinner was completed!
For a dude I think I picked out some kick ass flowers and set a very romantic table
Chef De cuisine preparing sarahs final birthday dinner
Gourmet S'mores, treats after steak at N9ne
Another view from our table at Yellowtail
The view from our table at Yellowtail
My 1/2 yard beer vs. Sarah's dainty Sangria
I think I am going to get my hair back to this point.
If only I could draw like that!
So true....
So many years ago I had the true canadian haircut....enter the hockey hair
Okay finally uploaded a picture of me and Isabelle my niece.
In vegas had to raise the roof with a fat M&M
I love suspenders just for pictures like this
Sarah and I as the surrender monkeys....der I mean the french
Are you a captain?
Truly is Red vs. Blue
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