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Watch out for this fuzzball...He'll scoop out your eyes with a spoon and kill you over some pretzels.
RTX Photobomb
Many Bahamian street signs were actually in the slang vernacular. Just found the title phrasing funny. Remember kids, PROTECT YA TINGS.
Can't post sunrise without sunset.
[Doakes] SUNRISE, MOTHAFUCKA. [/Doakes]
While in the Bahamas recently, I noticed this sign. This is an ACTUAL street sign, for a designated drunken crosswalk.
Don't mind us...
When it rains...it Poes.
I've done an occasional twitter hashtag "#DoctorNewman" when I get injured and manage to patch myself up in some random ghetto way. Figured it was time I add a card to it.
The early loss of a comedic genius. Seeya on the other side, Ramis. *Note: not my artwork*
Bringin' it back. We love you, Lammy.
Obligatory Christmas Avatar 2013
Obligatory Halloween Avatar.
And I'm probably going to buy this shirt to go with my "Evolution of the Ministry of Silly Walks" shirt.
I'm still hoping that GTA VI will be based in a modern, remastered Vice City.
I've told you guys that Myshu is awesome, right?
Well, I've been found out. Damn you, Cuban!
I am the very model of a ...
Currently my desktop wallpaper.
Going on another Mass Effect kick due to my Insanity run (+DLC)
Shoutout to Lady_Vossler, redoing some of the AI chupas. (Go bug her for one, seriously.) There's some new canon. Zeta's normal greenish hue is himself normally. The lighter, the more excited / happy he is.
Yeah, sure, this picture has already been submitted a few times... but hey, I mean, YOLO right? [Contest Entry]
Ray infiltrates the sanctum and gives his hardest frown as the Pope signs a document. [Contest Entry]
Captain Narvaez surveys his troops in the trenches. [Contest entry]
Obligatory Christmas Avatar
The adult version of my original Mandalorian chupa! Amazing!
Zeta - An AI fragment stolen from a secret organization, embodying "confidence". *Shoutout to Myshu*
We are the Pana... and we will find you... very soon. }:)
Shoutout to Lady_Vossler!
An epic drawing of me by the awesome JeppeRoemer! (Reuploaded, cleaned up)
So I connect to Roosterspeak, and this is what I see going on in the text chat. Pana, I really don’t know if you have a problem, are a little confused, or know somebody with an issue…
It's so true though.
Anybody else remember this little fella? I know I do.
Hi-res in first comment.
Remember this show? And honestly... I do kind of react this way when people steal my food.
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