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redarmo25 Space Panda
Channeling my Mark Nutt
Was exploring Melbourne city and had a cup o' tea at this little cafe. They'd better deliver on cookies when they promise to give people cookies.
Tower of Pimps at the RoosterTeeth booth :)
With one very drunk Gavin at MCM Expo London 2012
My new microphone for recording the LFTO Shizno podcast. It's just so beautiful!
MOAR thermodynamics lecture notes sillyness.
Boredom in a Thermodynamics lecture led to this... notes sillyness, quoting lecturer's strange mannerisms and doodles (for lack of imagination, decided to tribute la DaftProdigy & Eltanin)
At the location where I recorded my AHWU 100 intro :)
In China at the bottom of the largest Buddha statue in the world.
My girlfriend and I "In Bruges", at the tower where the film about three blokes, a racist dwarf and two manky hookers was shot.
My High School family reunion :) my bro, two mummies and my auntie.
Artist Huy Truong's portrait of me and my gal at MCM Expo
My girlfriend and I as Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer, for MCM Expo.
Playing the violin, it's a genetic thing...
For Gus.
Me and my friends on orchestra tour in barcelona, aka band camp.
Myself and one of my best friends at prom.
Me and my main man Ben, real bromance. (He's currently dating my ex and they're both an awesome couple)
We Brits can have glamourous proms too :)
Me at an 18th drinking bad alcohol, having been painted on by tipsy friends.
Not quite a turducken.
Xmas '11. Damn right I made this turkey. That's a lie, my pseudo-sister did all the work. I just chopped the vegetables and carried the turkey.
Me after 6 bottles and shots...
An Australian bathroom I encountered. I think the majority of people don't qualify to use it...
Australia is awesome, even if they ban half the games there.
Yeah being immature is a blast.
One of the better ways to travel.