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As you can tell, we could totally beat up Aaron and Caleb....
Posted 3 years ago
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caleb Cast & Crew
I was scared...
#1  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
as you should be!! I have seen there true forms lol!

#1  Posted 3 years ago
I can beat all you mwahahahahahaa!!
#2  Posted 3 years ago
maybe Aaron. Im not so sure about Caleb. haha
#3  Posted 3 years ago
Aaron Sponsor
Nobody can stop the megafrown
#4  Posted 3 years ago
sure about that buddy? lol
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Battle royale
#5  Posted 3 years ago
Looks like Keeley is stronger than you
#6  Posted 3 years ago
Haha. Well if you're the one doing two things at the same time, then you should be the stongest :)
#12  Posted 3 years ago
Yeah but in actuality she was doing 4 things. Don't down play Brandy's abilities.
#13  Posted 3 years ago
"Test your might!"
#7  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 2 Funny
MrTacoman117 Sponsor
Please! Don't take my lunch money!
#8  Posted 3 years ago
Damn those are some big guns. I prefer the classic pistol myself.
#9  Posted 3 years ago
Aaron: "Maybe if I make a funny face, people will be distracted by my lack of muscle"
Caleb: "oh yeah, I could totally work for A&F"
Kelley: "Mean face=one touch mothafucka!"
Me: "Why am i doing this?"
#10  Posted 3 years ago
Tell him to never work at A&F. It stains your life.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
I know, my cousin works there, he reeks of it xD
#2  Posted 3 years ago
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