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Is it possible to dream about drinking a lot of alcohol that you wake up with a hangover? Because I'm pretty sure I did that this morning.
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VacationGot back from the Smokey Mountains yesterday. I had a real good time with the family. It has been a while since the whole family was able to get together for a vacation. We had a lot of fun in Gatlenburg, played some putt putt, bought some pottery, saw the sights, and played a few board/card games we haven't played in a while. You think you know your parents until you play CAH with them.

While the humans were away, the dogs stayed at a Dog Spa and Boarding place just outside of town. It's official, my dog now has more photos and likes on Facebook than I do. But that's a OK she is pretty adorable.

Faline and her buddy Sebastian
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Watched the trailer for the third Hobbit movie today. Not gonna lie, I was tearing up towards the end. The song sung by Pippin in the first movies was a nice touch.
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Highlights of RTX and other stuff*Taking my boyfriend to his very first convention.

*Watching said boyfriend get giddy over how many Street Passes he'd get in a day.

*Seeing my friends again.

*343 panel and the introduction of 'Gun-geese'. Imagine, a flock of gun-geese in perfect V formation... glorious!

* The Awesome minecraft t-shirt my girl @Shadowsflame got me!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!

RTX this year didn't seem as crowded to me as it did last year. It could be because I didn't spend as much time waiting in line for panels as I did last year though. Still I had a lot of fun and can't wait for next year. Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple more days off next year to attend sidequests. A quick shout out to the Guardians: YOU'RE AWESOME! RTX would not be a success without you!

Other stuff:

Went back to work this week and received a new laptop with Windows 7 on it. Finally! Still playing around with the settings and making sure everything is the way I like it. I got a little bored yesterday so a snagged my co-workers phone and switch his email notification tone to the low battery tone... Took him all day to figure that out! :P

I started doing arm curls at my desk and walking after work. I try to go at least a mile a day, not trying to lose weight really, but I would like to tone up what I do have. After only doing 15 push-ups for Operation Supply Drop I feel like I should work out a little more. Next year I'm shooting for 35 push-ups!
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Hey Austin I'm heading you way! See ya soon!
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Good Karma Bad LuckMy coworker accidentally left our rental car door open while we were installing a new computer in one of our stores in a not so nice neighborhood. Yep thousands of dollars worth of equipment including my laptop was easy pickings. Lucky for us nothing was taken while we were inside working. Sadly thought I must have used up all my good karma points that day because I lost my wallet at Mammouth Cave yesterday. Despite the tragic loss and hectic time cancelling all my credit cards, I had a really good time. I should do more outdoor stuff more often.
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FU Mini Golf!I don't think I've ever raged quit so much in my life! I thought the AH guys were just bad golfers but I completely understand their frustrations now. F&%K You 3D Ultra Mini Golf!!! F&%K You and your couch!!!

WHEW...Glad I got that out of my system.
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WarningAnother tornado warning in my area. One has been spotted north of me and I saw a funnel cloud forming above my apartment. So instead of hiding in the bathroom, what am I doing? Playing minecraft.


I'm alive, and I've had a very productive evening:

Still working on the interior, finished the dungeon and the Throne room (with an Iron Throne), all that's left is the Alchemy room and King's Tomb. Yes a very productive evening despite the weather. :)
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