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Break from DestinyTook a minor break from Destiny this weekend to show @Mcsquishin how to carve and decorate a pumpkin properly. I think they turned out well.

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Sooo.. yeah wow a month has past since Destiny came out and I barely noticed. Between playing that and working the days kind of meshed together. I should try to make an effort to do other things besides Weekend Destiny sprees. On the plus side I've lost 10 lbs since the game came out. Probably not the best way to loose weight but I can fit into my favorite Miss Me Jeans again so I don't care.
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Minecraft for Xbox One is only 4.99?!?!?! *Does Happy Dance.
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Solving ProblemsWith Destiny coming out next week McSquishin and I had a serious problem. He pre-orded a copy on PS4 and I pre-ordered Xbox 360, (I plan on getting the Xbox One version at a later date.) However both consoles are connected to the TV in the living room, (along with two Wiis and the Xbox One). Since we both want to play, someone has to move their console to the TV in the guest room. Neither of us really wanted to do that so we came up with a solution.

Battle Royale vie Mario Party. Who ever wins gets to stay in the living room.

I won...teehee
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Is it possible to dream about drinking a lot of alcohol that you wake up with a hangover? Because I'm pretty sure I did that this morning.
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VacationGot back from the Smokey Mountains yesterday. I had a real good time with the family. It has been a while since the whole family was able to get together for a vacation. We had a lot of fun in Gatlenburg, played some putt putt, bought some pottery, saw the sights, and played a few board/card games we haven't played in a while. You think you know your parents until you play CAH with them.

While the humans were away, the dogs stayed at a Dog Spa and Boarding place just outside of town. It's official, my dog now has more photos and likes on Facebook than I do. But that's a OK she is pretty adorable.

Faline and her buddy Sebastian
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Watched the trailer for the third Hobbit movie today. Not gonna lie, I was tearing up towards the end. The song sung by Pippin in the first movies was a nice touch.
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Highlights of RTX and other stuff*Taking my boyfriend to his very first convention.

*Watching said boyfriend get giddy over how many Street Passes he'd get in a day.

*Seeing my friends again.

*343 panel and the introduction of 'Gun-geese'. Imagine, a flock of gun-geese in perfect V formation... glorious!

* The Awesome minecraft t-shirt my girl @Shadowsflame got me!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!

RTX this year didn't seem as crowded to me as it did last year. It could be because I didn't spend as much time waiting in line for panels as I did last year though. Still I had a lot of fun and can't wait for next year. Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple more days off next year to attend sidequests. A quick shout out to the Guardians: YOU'RE AWESOME! RTX would not be a success without you!

Other stuff:

Went back to work this week and received a new laptop with Windows 7 on it. Finally! Still playing around with the settings and making sure everything is the way I like it. I got a little bored yesterday so a snagged my co-workers phone and switch his email notification tone to the low battery tone... Took him all day to figure that out! :P

I started doing arm curls at my desk and walking after work. I try to go at least a mile a day, not trying to lose weight really, but I would like to tone up what I do have. After only doing 15 push-ups for Operation Supply Drop I feel like I should work out a little more. Next year I'm shooting for 35 push-ups!
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