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That time of year againWell its that time of year again where I want to go to RTX yet at the same time don't have the money thanks to bills...also been a couple of months since I've been on here. In a new apartment with crappy internet again...and behold...cant load RvB vids for some reason. damn you crappy internet!!
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Emotional show's todaySo earlier today I watched last weeks episode of Sons of Anarchy (One amazing fucking show!) which was really emotional. I'm not going to say why because it will spoil it for people who haven't watched the show or haven't seen last weeks episode yet. Then watched tonight's episode of RVB which also got pretty emotional. (Again not going to spoil anything for those who havent seen the new episode *cough* people posting pics from the episode *cough*) Needless to say it seems to be a running trend today with show's I watch. Either way...People should watch tonight's episode of RVB and Sons of Anarchy (even tho the new episode isn't until tomorrow)

*Edit* Also....The fucking slap bands and Achievement Hunter Hoodie I've saved money for are FUCKING sold out!!! Damn it! Ugh...now I gotta wait until their in stock again....
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Episode 15 questionsSo I have a few questions about episode 15. Why didn't any of the Reds or Blues know Donut was alive and that Doc was in the canyon? Didn't they go back to Valhalla after season 8? Or did they have to go to different bases after the investigation? I'm just wondering because in the first episode of this season Sarge mentions that Wash has been kicking the Reds asses and that he was glad Church was back in charge. So they obviously had bases for Wash to be kicking their asses.
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Finally decided last year that I would finally become a member of the RT website. And a year later I become a sponsor to show my support of the best website ever...of all time. Now I need to go to RTX so I can maybe tell Gus, Geoff, Matt, and Burnie thank you for making the best web series and website for everyone to enjoy. But, I just wanted to say that before I take advantage of being a sponsor and listen to the extra podcast from the live streaming test. So later Cock Bites.

...Also the Stats thing was Creepily right saying I mainly post journal entries on Sunday nights....O.o thats just a little weird that it tracks your habits on the site WAY too well.
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What the fuckSo I've been renting Skyrim for a bit and when I finally get the money to buy it the game wont load. Even as I'm typing this I've been waiting 30 mins for my game to load! UGH!! really?! this is just total bullshit! I cant even start a new game because guess what? It does the same fucking thing!!
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Austin for RTXSo I'm planning on going to Austin for this years RTX. And, wanted to know where some of the best places are to get a bite to eat and maybe some drinks while in Austin. So if anyone that lives in Austin or has been there knows where to go for a good meal please let me know. I should probably be asking one of the guys from rooster teeth seeing how they live there but I'm not sure if they would get back to me if I messaged them cuz I'm sure they get a ton of messages a day.
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