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Things that annoy me, part 1Ive decided to share with you all the things that annoy me in gaming (hence the name), now, i like nothing better than finding new people to play with online which is why i spend lots of time in game chat talking to people, the problem with this is that you end up with the kind of people that were only given an xbox for christmas because their parents wanted to get busy in the room next door. im talking about the little, squeaky 10 year olds that you manage to find on any kind of game from Halo and call of duty to saints row (god knows how they managed to get their filthy little paws on the game in the first place), they are the kind of people who will manage to slide in a 'thats what she said' or 'so is your mum' comment into any irrelevant statement made online what-so-ever, normally this would annoy me, in fact most days i am on the recieving end of these types of jokes, all to often i have been lured into believing that innocently describing the suspension on a vehicle as 'hard and slow,' and instead being told that my mother likes it 'hard and slow,' i can just laugh this off, but, when you get some prepubescent child and his entourage of mindless friends snorting as they respond the same thing, it REALLY annoys me, mainly because if you somehow were walking along a street with your mother and he was walking towards you he would walk into the nearest toys-R-us to avoid you, this is why small children annoy me online
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