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Jordan Cast & Crew
Jordan Cast & Crew
How to Write Like Aaron SorkinI've been watching The Newsroom lately, and it's the first show of Aaron Sorkin's I've watched in a big chunk, and I've noticed he tends to try to work in humor in dramatic or tense scenarios, but apparently he only know hows to do it one way:

INT. Boardroom - Day

The main characters are having a serious discussion that could decide everything.

PERSON 1: This is serious, we can't let it slip away like a wet frog through our fingers. We need to act now.

PERSON 2: I caught a frog once, it wasn't that slippery.

PERSON 3: No one cares about the frog, we need to take care of this serious issue!

PERSON 2: All I'm saying is the gravity of the situation would be felt more if we had a metaphor that properly illustrated the stakes.

PERSON 4: Technically that was a simile.

PERSON 2: What?

PERSON 4: Metaphors don't use "like" or "as," those are similes.

PERSON 3: We NEED to focus on the issue at hand!

PERSON 1: Person 3 is right, we need to take care of this. Person 2, you were wrong, it was a simile, not a metaphor.

PERSON 2: Irregardless, the comparative language you used was ineffective in conveying the importance of the issue.

PERSON 4: Irregardless is like, a triple negative, it's not a word.

PERSON 1: Right again.

PERSON 3: Hey I just got a phone call, the important thing happened and we lost everything.

PERSON 2: Boy I wish someone explained how important this was earlier.


Keep in mind this should be performed 75% faster than any human speaks, ever.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
I brought my @EricBaudour to the office today but he pooped all over then left without saying goodbye.
2 months ago  |  Comments (2)
Jordan Cast & Crew
@EricBaudour and I are the coolest people on the internet.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
Subscribe to my YouTube channel where I edit my favorite Arrested Development moments into AMVs.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
I ship @EricBaudour with myself.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
Introducing Let's Play MinimationsToday we debuted a new show: Let's Play Minimations! It's a sweet new 3D animated show by RvB 12 lead animator Chris Dike. It features highlights from your favorite Let's Plays with an animated twist. Right now, it's set to come out every second Wednesday of the month, in place of an RTAA. This is so we can give it the limelight as it starts out, and it helps me to catch my breath once a month as I continue directing and writing X-Ray and Vav.

You may also be wondering if this means RTAA will still include content from Let's Plays, and the answer is yes! When I first watched Chris' work, I loved how it had a knack for taking the even more obscure moments from Let's Plays (which is apparent from the first episode), and putting a hilarious spin on them. That will be the core Let's Play Minimations: funny moments made funnier. Stories or narrative sequences in Let's Plays will still be RTAA's territory. So basically this makes everything funny (story or not) primed for an animated re-imagining.

I hope you all are as excited as I am for this new show. Thanks for watching!
3 months ago  |  Comments (41)
Jordan Cast & Crew
I'm gonna camp out in front of my local GameStop then download Super Smash Bros at midnight.
3 months ago  |  Comments (11)
Jordan Cast & Crew
The official motto of the RT subreddit should be "But I could be wrong."
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