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Jordan Cast & Crew
Jordan Cast & Crew
RTAA AMA FTWHi everyone! Four years ago today I uploaded this cartoon to YouTube.

It was the product of too much time spent indoors, listening to the RT Podcast, and watching Homestar Runner that summer. It turned out to be a big hit, so I made some more. Then they got integrated into the RT video podcasts. Then I started making them weekly for the RT YouTube channel. Then I moved to Austin to make more RTAAs and cool new shows. It's been quite a ride, so let's celebrate the occasion with an AMA.

I'll be back in about an hour to answer your questions. Ask me anything!
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Jordan Cast & Crew
I can't find signing times for @EricBaudour in the RTX app.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
150 RTAAs!Today we released the 150th episode of Animated Adventures. And to celebrate, as in the past, it's a bit different the average RTAA. So check it out, hope you like it!

I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that I've made a 150 RTAAs, as it is a staggering number. It's come a long way from the little fan series it started out as, and really it's all thanks to you guys for watching it from the start. My deepest gratitude goes out to those who are fans of RTAA, because I love making them for you, the fans. So, yeah, just... thanks. Like, a lot.

And thanks to the great folks who worked on this with me: @Burnie, @Gus, @Barbara, @Gavino, @Miles, @Kerry, @Kara, @Chris, @Kyle and @Brandon for participating as (for the most part) themselves. And @bgibbles and @Pat for playing Southern Gavin and the Painter, respectively. Thanks to @Holly for cutting out eight pictures of Chris' head for the make-up bit, to @shanewville for his animation guidance and expertise on paint splashes, and to @Daniel for excellent sound design. Couldn't have done it without you guys!

Here's to more milestones in the future! Thanks everyone.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
I'm gonna be tumblr famous someday, then you'll see! You'll all see!
1 month ago  |  Comments (25)
Jordan Cast & Crew
Remember when @EricBaudour used the RT site and posted funny one sentence journals every two hours? That was the golden age of RT.
3 months ago  |  Comments (10)
Jordan Cast & Crew
The ClassicsBeen playing Halo PC the last few weeks for nostalgia's sake. It's amazing how well the multiplayer holds up. The fact that there's hundreds of people playing it regularly still is a testament to the game's awesomeness. Plus, after 13 years, I finally got a little good at it.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
People on Tumblr type out statements but really they're questions??? Tumblr is full of valley girls apparently.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
I tried to post a journal just now that didn't go through apparently. It was really funny and insightful all at once, and probably could have cured some life-threatening diseases. But whatever, the website didn't want to post it so I guess it wasn't meant to be.
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