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Jordan Cast & Crew
Jordan Cast & Crew
X-Ray and Vav Season 2!Hey everyone! In case you missed it yesterday, we put out what will be the intro for season 2 of X-Ray & Vav! Check it out and tell us what you think.

Big thanks to @Peter for animating the whole thing. The intro song was written and performed by Micah Risinger, who really knocked it out of the park. They the real MVP.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
Looking for AnimatorsHey guys!

In addition to the production artist position, we're also hiring 2D animators. There are two categories, junior to intermediate and intermediate to senior, so choose whichever fits your skills and experience and check out the details here:

Animation -- 2D Animator - Intermediate to Senior

Animation -- 2D Animator - Junior to Intermediate

Thanks, and be sure to tell me how you wish you could apply but can't in the comments.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
Needed: New Barbara PunsA couple years ago we asked for help finding every pun Barbara made on the RT Podcast.

Since then, there's been (probably) thousands of groan-inducing attempts at humor, and I need to find them! But I need your help. If you know of a pun (Barbara or otherwise), post the podcast number or video and time stamp in the comments and I'll track it down. Hopefully it will lead to great things.

Thanks everyone!
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Jordan Cast & Crew
I'm really into myself and getting compliments on my selfies so the internet is a great place for me.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
Remembering MontyIt's difficult to find words worthy of Monty Oum. They probably don't exist, in fact. Maybe in German, where they have words for emotions other languages don't know how to describe. That's what I feel when I think about the profound impact knowing Monty has had on me: feelings beyond description.

What I always admired was that Monty knew with 110% certainty that animating was what he wanted to do, what he was meant to do. With that kind of passion, Monty tackled everyday with an enthusiasm that was difficult to ignore. Even just asking him about animation could have him talking uninterrupted for 15 minutes about the beauty of the medium. Combined with his amazing work ethic, he was a productivity machine. He was driven to create, and to be creative, with his work. It is a constant inspiration.

I was very fortunate to be able to always work near Monty. While we rarely worked together on projects, he was a wealth of information for me; we would talk animation principles often, and in the first three months after moving to Austin he taught me more than I was able to teach myself in the two years I'd been animating. Whenever I worked late we would have long talks about whatever we were working on, TV shows, or just life in general. He was always spitting wisdom; he had a very philosophic outlook on life, on purpose, and on motivation. When he made a decision, it was final, and it was full steam ahead in that direction. To Monty, second guessing himself would be time better spent on rigging or keyframes.

Before I worked at Rooster Teeth full time, I ran into Monty at San Diego Comic Con in 2012. We walked the convention floor as he told me about a new series idea he had called RWBY. He had so much of the world built in his mind already that it was clear this was going to be huge. He talked nonstop for about 30 minutes, painting a picture of the series with each excited word. The show would not premiere for another year, but it was clear this was Monty's dream project. I remember, in the middle of it all, thinking "I hope someday I can have a project I'm as in love with as Monty is with this RWBY thing."

In 2013 we went on a convention tour in Australia together. In Melbourne, we held a panel on animation at ACMI. Now, I will always be outclassed by Monty as far as skill in animation, but sharing the stage with him as we showed off our work to 250 people was an honor and privilege I didn't deserve, but gladly took. It will always be one of my most cherished memories. Monty always spoke proudly about his work, it was never boastful or arrogant, just pure excitement to have created something. It made me take a look at how I viewed my work; to be less pessimistic in the mistakes and just take pride in having created a thing that hadn't existed before. It's the very basic drive of why we do what we do, and Monty never lost sight of it.

These are some of moments that contributed to the immeasurable impact Monty has had on me. I wish I could have told him all these things. I wish it didn't take losing him for me to think about what he meant to me. But what greater compliment can I give to a person than to show them that they gave me the direction and the drive to succeed, and to do so in a way that would honor their life. I will always work a little harder, I will love life with a greater enthusiasm, and I will do it to honor my friend, Monty Oum.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
How to Write Like Aaron SorkinI've been watching The Newsroom lately, and it's the first show of Aaron Sorkin's I've watched in a big chunk, and I've noticed he tends to try to work in humor in dramatic or tense scenarios, but apparently he only know hows to do it one way:

INT. Boardroom - Day

The main characters are having a serious discussion that could decide everything.

PERSON 1: This is serious, we can't let it slip away like a wet frog through our fingers. We need to act now.

PERSON 2: I caught a frog once, it wasn't that slippery.

PERSON 3: No one cares about the frog, we need to take care of this serious issue!

PERSON 2: All I'm saying is the gravity of the situation would be felt more if we had a metaphor that properly illustrated the stakes.

PERSON 4: Technically that was a simile.

PERSON 2: What?

PERSON 4: Metaphors don't use "like" or "as," those are similes.

PERSON 3: We NEED to focus on the issue at hand!

PERSON 1: Person 3 is right, we need to take care of this. Person 2, you were wrong, it was a simile, not a metaphor.

PERSON 2: Irregardless, the comparative language you used was ineffective in conveying the importance of the issue.

PERSON 4: Irregardless is like, a triple negative, it's not a word.

PERSON 1: Right again.

PERSON 3: Hey I just got a phone call, the important thing happened and we lost everything.

PERSON 2: Boy I wish someone explained how important this was earlier.


Keep in mind this should be performed 75% faster than any human speaks, ever.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
I brought my @EricBaudour to the office today but he pooped all over then left without saying goodbye.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
@EricBaudour and I are the coolest people on the internet.
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